The Blinding Sun is Black
by the_jok3r

Blacksun Research Facility
members of unrivalled ability
Brilliance blinding tho' the sun is black
start some shit an' brace for attack
Trace your IP then your home location
system defence as empty as tourists on vaction
Windows controlled by tyrannical bill gates
unix surpasses with winning traits
BSRF continues the triumphant trend
reputation to defend till the end
Script kiddie pose as elite hacker
just a tool user, a lowly cracker
HTML code studied for holes in your site
just like robin hood we bring the fight
Media misinformed masses are against us
portray us elite hackers as relentless <pron. relent-luss>
We appear in your monitor like a ghost,
Zonealarm give a feeble warning at the most
Create new backdoor for the net
install on your system, ain't picked up by vet
Others try to replicate the standard set by the best
disarm those sub-standard, crash all the rest.
Take control of your box, subsequently your hard disk
they're all computer illiterate so there isnt any risk.
Wonder why your shit wont boot,
left yourself open, now we've got root.
Now you've seen power choose to fight or run,
never be defeated cause forever we'll be Blacksun.