Informatic Evolution Lecture
by: Mind Booster
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[15:12] <Mind_Booster> Well ppl
[15:12] <Mind_Booster> I guess it's on time...
[15:12] <Mind_Booster> 20:00 GMT
[15:12] <LiquidCrystalDismay> whoot
[15:12] <Mind_Booster> Hi all...
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[15:12] <Mind_Booster> My name is Mind Booster and I'm lecturing today.
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[15:13] <Mind_Booster> You can mail me to [email protected],
[15:13] <Mind_Booster> visit Mind Booster Networks (,
[15:13] <@zwanderer> who is logging then ?
[15:13] <Mind_Booster> or chat with me telneting to 9999.
[15:13] <Mind_Booster> zwander: I am.
[15:13] <@zwanderer> Mind_Booster: right then...
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[15:13] <+Mind_Booster> as I was saying...
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> The log of this lecture will be on bsrf (
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> and in Mind Booster Networks (
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> This lecture has the duration of 30 minutes:
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> 20 minutes for exposure and
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> 10 minutes for feedback: questions, answers and so on.
[15:14] <+Mind_Booster> As there's time scheduled for Questions, please don't pvt me: I'll not answer unless you're an #bsrf op.
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> The title of this lecture is:
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> -- Informatic Evolution --
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> In my oppinion it's important to know and understand the evolution of Informatic.
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> I miss BBS's times.
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> As maybe you miss somethings you used to do.
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[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> You may miss something you usually did,
[15:15] <+Mind_Booster> like a Spectrum game
[15:16] -Global- lecture on information evolution in #bsrf now
[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> or a friend you had somewhere...
[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> But we have to understand that those times will never come back.
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[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> But it's our duty to turn these and next times to something with the good things the old times had.
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[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> That's the why of this lecture:
[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> Not to teach you nothing,
[15:16] <+Mind_Booster> not to warn you of something,
[15:17] <+Mind_Booster> only to make you see a point.
[15:17] <+Mind_Booster> I'm seeing a lot of Portuguese ppl (as myself) here: Thank you for comming.
[15:17] <+Mind_Booster> What's Informatic Evolution?
[15:17] <+Mind_Booster> See this log:
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> [19:09]<( Qauzar )hey whats informaric evolution ?
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> [19:10]<@ AZTEK >ask Mind_Booster
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> [19:12] <Mind_Booster> The lecture will be some talking about the way Informatic Communities were
created, evoluting, and to see the point on that now. Because it's important to know the past to understand the present and
build the future.
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> So... how will I expose this evolution?
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> Nothing better than showing a chronologic type of history on Computers and Underground communities.
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[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> Where to start?
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> Maybe I should start on Abacus - after all it was the first Computer in mankind's history.
[15:18] <+Mind_Booster> But for that, I would have to talk about, filosofy, religion, maths, fisics and so on
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[15:19] <+Mind_Booster> just 'cause they all are the reason why Computers exist in the first place.
[15:19] <+Mind_Booster> So I decided to start in 1946, when John W. Mauchly and Eckert first invented ENIAC.
[15:19] <+Mind_Booster> Why stating here?
[15:19] <+Mind_Booster> Well, this is the beggining of the Underground scene.
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[15:19] -Global- lecture on information evolution in #bsrf now
[15:20] <+Mind_Booster> With ENIAC the concept of having fun with a computer was born.
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[15:20] <+Mind_Booster> People (usually physics/engeneers) started to develop and use software just for fun.
[15:20] <+Mind_Booster> Code to ENIAC was only FORTRAN, assembly or some other - now dead - languages.
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[15:20] <+Mind_Booster> Those few who loved ENIAC started forming (inconsciously) a sub-culture, a society.
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[15:21] <+Mind_Booster> ENIAC is important also because in flaged another beggining:
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[15:21] <+Mind_Booster> The start of Technology advance, from then on, till our days and the future,
[15:21] <+Mind_Booster> Technology (not only Computer Systems) are evoluting more and more quickly.
[15:22] <+Mind_Booster> A good webpage about ENIAC is:
[15:22] <+Mind_Booster>
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[15:22] <+Mind_Booster> Now we have to jump to 1961.
[15:22] <+Mind_Booster> Why?
[15:22] <+Mind_Booster> This is the date when MIT bought it's 1st PDP-1. (a Hell of a machine! :))
[15:22] <+Mind_Booster> A new - renovated - community was created,
[15:23] <+Mind_Booster> and it was the 1st time that the "hacker" term was used.
[15:23] <+Mind_Booster> It's sad to see nowadays lammers calaiming they are hackers,
[15:23] <+Mind_Booster> or media confusing cracking or worst, carding, with hacking,
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[15:23] <+Mind_Booster> when the "creation" of that term was so beautifull:
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[15:23] <@Mind_Booster> hackers were those who were in that underground group.
[15:23] <@Mind_Booster> Thanks AZTEK
[15:24] <@AZTEK> np
[15:24] <@AZTEK> i bbl
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[15:24] <@Mind_Booster> It's sad to see
[15:24] <@Mind_Booster> in a newspaper or paper magazine
[15:24] <@Mind_Booster> something like
[15:25] <@Mind_Booster> "Two Russian hackers were arrested by using fake credt cards to steal a bank"
[15:25] <@Mind_Booster> I had allready seen this... It makes me sick.
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[15:25] <@Mind_Booster> And then we have the other side
[15:26] <@Mind_Booster> when real hackers are arrested just because they are hackers, without doing anything wrong,
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[15:26] <@Mind_Booster> because society cunfuses Hacking with some crime.
[15:26] <@Mind_Booster> But back into time...
[15:26] <@Mind_Booster> In 1969 those hackers influence were spreaded widly: ARPANET was created.
[15:27] <@Mind_Booster> ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), from U.S. Department of Defense,
[15:27] <@Mind_Booster> was the global Internet's progenitor.
[15:27] <@Mind_Booster> ARPANET program has had a strong and direct feedback into the support and strength of computer science,
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[15:27] <@Mind_Booster> from which the network itself sprung.
[15:28] <@Mind_Booster> A climate of pure research surrounded the entire history of the ARPANET.
[15:28] <@Mind_Booster> The Advanced Research Projects Agency was formed with an emphasis towards research,
[15:28] <@Mind_Booster> and thus was not oriented only to a military product.
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[15:28] <@Mind_Booster> The formation of this agency was part of the U.S. reaction to the then Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik
in 1957.
[15:29] <@Mind_Booster> ARPA was assigned to research how to utilize their investment in computers via Command and Control
Research (CCR).
[15:29] <@Mind_Booster> Dr. J.C.R. Licklider was chosen to head this effort.
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[15:29] <@Mind_Booster> Licklider came to ARPA from Bolt, Beranek and Newman, (BBN) in Cambridge, MA in October 1962.
[15:29] <@Mind_Booster> ARPANET is still not dead, even if it was engulfed by INTERNET.
[15:30] <@Mind_Booster> You can still telnet and see a now completely different ARPANET, nut rellued by the same
those who were ARPANET users then.
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[15:30] <@Mind_Booster> is a good URL about ARPANET.
[15:31] <@Mind_Booster> ARPANET made something - in my point - spread to all US and the world a nrew philosophy:
[15:31] <@Mind_Booster> There was a spread of hackers all over U.S.
[15:31] <@Mind_Booster> and in some other countries, with a good point to Australia
[15:31] <@Mind_Booster> .
[15:32] <@Mind_Booster> In paralel with ARPANET and later the begin of Micro-computers
[15:32] <@Mind_Booster> there were the BBS's.
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[15:32] <@Mind_Booster> I'm not plannig on talking on the BBS's community (my favourite and what I miss most)
[15:33] <@Mind_Booster> 'cause i think it's all plainly and well explained on "Underground" book
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[15:33] <@Mind_Booster> witch I don't recall the WebPage
[15:33] *** pitpat ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[15:33] <@Mind_Booster> but you can download it on - textware section
[15:34] <@Mind_Booster> With personal computers other wars started.
[15:34] <@Mind_Booster> UNIX rised up, and ppl started to move to it.
[15:34] <@Mind_Booster> C appeared at strong, now it's the most used language.
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[15:35] <@Mind_Booster> UNIX vs. VAX occured but UNIX won.
[15:35] <@Mind_Booster> And we start to entering in the nowadays era then.
[15:36] <@Mind_Booster> Personal computers started to use DOS in several flavours, but MS-DOS unfortunatly won.
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[15:36] <@AZTEK> hey mike
[15:36] <@Mikkkeee> hey
[15:36] <@Mikkkeee> lecture started?
[15:36] <@AZTEK> yes
[15:36] <@Mind_Booster> UNIX clones to PC started to show but in some high prices: and then we get some more than that
[15:36] <@Mikkkeee> damn
[15:36] <@Mind_Booster> Mikkkeee - it's almost over :-P
[15:37] <@Mikkkeee> damn
[15:37] <@Mind_Booster> GNU borns.
[15:37] <@Mind_Booster> Linux borns.
[15:37] <@Mind_Booster> Three BSD flavours borns in freeware opensource.
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> People starts using Windows, when they can get freely Linux.
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> That's nowadays.
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> The point here is now simple...
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> What now?
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> Well, you just have to choose a side,
[15:38] *** BaRrAcU ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Z�R� T�L�R�N�E v8.51 ->
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> you can go with the wave
[15:38] <@Mind_Booster> using propriatery buggy systems
[15:38] *** Prophecy ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:39] <@Mind_Booster> or free opensource ones
[15:39] <@Mind_Booster> .
[15:39] <@Mind_Booster> You can choose your desteny: to follow the good path of ENIAC hackers, for instance, or not.
[15:39] <@Mind_Booster> It's your choice.
[15:40] <@Mind_Booster> But whatever you do don't pretend to be another thing.
[15:40] <@Mind_Booster> LECTURE OVER
[15:40] <@Mind_Booster> Now time for questions and answers
[15:40] <@Mind_Booster> feel free to ask anything
[15:40] *** Mikkkeee sets mode: -m
[15:40] <ShutD0wN> Mind_Booster ur so dramatical ..... :}
[15:40] <HcC> PHEW!
[15:40] <HcC> lol
[15:40] <@zwanderer> heh
[15:40] <@zwanderer> ok
[15:40] <@zwanderer> I have a question
[15:40] <@Mind_Booster> lecture will be online on
[15:41] <@Mind_Booster> and in
[15:41] <Qauzar> lol
[15:41] *** \Shadow\ is now known as Casper[AFK]
[15:41] <@zwanderer> you say we need to chose sides - and that we can go with the flow, or...
[15:41] <@Mikkkeee> hopefully today
[15:41] <@zwanderer> but in reality
[15:41] <Shade> dualboot :)
[15:41] <@zwanderer> isnt the flow Linux, the trend is Linux
[15:41] <HcC> heh
[15:41] <Qauzar> Mind , This Might Sound DUmb But when They Designed the Whole APRANET things and shit in those Days What Kind of
A OS were these ppl using>??
[15:41] <@zwanderer> where as the thing the "old guys" do - is use Windows
[15:41] <SOAD> I am timing out on your site Mind_Booster
[15:41] <suspect> The Trend is windows
[15:41] <HcC> I think ppl use both as to what their needs are
[15:42] <@Mind_Booster> shutdown: I may be dramattic, but I'm showing my point of view on nowadays informatic and society...
[15:42] <suspect> You dont buy a brand new computer with pre-installed Linux afaik
[15:42] <@Mind_Booster> and I fear about the future.
[15:42] <@zwanderer> suspect: dell baby
[15:42] <Shade> why do you fear?
[15:42] <HcC> suspect you can
[15:42] <ShutD0wN> Mind_Booster that is true.....
[15:42] <suspect> ok
[15:42] <Shade> what do you fear?
[15:42] <suspect> my errr
[15:42] <@Mind_Booster> zwander: Going with the flow is one of the sides I said!
[15:42] *** Warbeast ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[15:42] <ShutD0wN> Mind_Booster dont fear..... linux will "win" eventually...
[15:42] <JH> Mindbooster: did you mean Unix vs VMS? VAX is an architecture
[15:42] <@zwanderer> Mind_Booster: aha... erh
[15:43] <@zwanderer> Mind_Booster: so what - you advocate chosing one of the sides ?
[15:43] <HcC> Mind_Booster: Linux doesn't appeal to the newbies as much as windows does. so they get started off on it
[15:43] <@Mind_Booster> QUAZAR:
[15:43] <SOAD> Mind_Booster: your site is timing out, just to let you know.
[15:43] <Qauzar> Windows = Click And Play Linux == Think And learn
[15:43] <Qauzar> ahh tx
[15:44] <suspect> ?
[15:44] <PolyGnoM> Mind_Booster, i dont see the sense of this lecture... its just a quite common opinion, i can't hear no longer
[15:44] <HcC> the thing is the gaming aspect of windows
[15:44] <Shade> yeah
[15:44] <@Mind_Booster> HcC: You'ree right. For instance: to do this lecture on time, I am using a PC with Wondoze only. So I get
to. And it's good to know how to work in any OS!
[15:44] <@Mikkkeee> linux is catching up
[15:44] <@zwanderer> Mind_Booster: actually... I have no idea why you gave it the "information evolution" title...
[15:44] <Qauzar> but you can port allot of Windows Games To Linux these days
[15:44] <SOAD> HcC: I agree, the reason linux isn't my main OS is due to incompatiblity
[15:44] <HcC> lol
[15:45] *** sensenet ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: BitchX: the original point-and-click interface.)
[15:45] <HcC> ya so until linux catchs up its not going to be as popular as windows. which means linux is probably gunna turn
shitty for a lot of us users. So start downloading the end is near
[15:45] <HcC> lol
[15:45] <PolyGnoM> hehe
[15:45] <@Mind_Booster> suspect: you can buy a PC with Linux, they are on sales. But Isn't it better to get your own copy of your
favourite distro
[15:45] <@Mind_Booster> and install it yourself?
[15:45] <suspect> Why bother - if you have the resources, like i do, Setup a dedicated windows boxlet so you dont have to 'port'
the games / apps
[15:45] <Qauzar> lol
[15:46] <JH> HcC: well its establishing itself as a low cost server solution
[15:46] <HcC> ya
[15:46] <suspect> Mind_Booster: Its much better
[15:46] <JH> and out of all the *nix variants its the best desktop OS
[15:46] *** kakun_ ([email protected]) has left #bsrf
[15:46] <HcC> ms linux
[15:46] <HcC> hehe
[15:46] <PolyGnoM> i dont understand why you people say windows is a gaming os, or just for newbie users
[15:47] <PolyGnoM> thats not true at all
[15:47] <HcC> poly
[15:47] <PolyGnoM> take winNT
[15:47] <PolyGnoM> the 2k, XP variants
[15:47] <suspect> Considering most Games were designed for windows
[15:47] <suspect> heh
[15:47] <HcC> take windows 98
[15:47] <HcC> what gamer doesn't have windows 98
[15:47] <@zwanderer> Mind_Booster: depends... depends where you want this whole thing to do... its views like yours that actually
restrict technology... the fact that you and others advocate that people should install Linux themselves, and everyone should
stop using M"$" products, is restricting, and isnt helping... neither is this lecture realy
[15:47] <suspect> Take 2k..ewww BABy Yeahhhh
[15:47] <PolyGnoM> ever attempted to read just one technical reference for lets say win2k???
[15:47] *** Shade ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:47] <suspect> ya'll want suma that heh
[15:48] <JH> i think the speed at which linux apps are developping must worry m$
[15:48] <HcC> I'm sorry but until theres a good gaming distro of linux thats compatable with everything I'll have windows on 1 of
my machines
[15:48] <SOAD> suspect: what's wrong w/ 2k? It is defenitely more network control oriented
[15:48] <JH> take gnome for example, 1 and 1/2 years ago it was unusable, now it has most gui features windows does
[15:48] <suspect> SOAD, *err* *err* im Worshipping 2k for the stability man.
[15:49] <SOAD> suspect: ahh lol
[15:49] <suspect> (my Copy's Never Crashed)
[15:49] <HcC> samers
[15:49] <PolyGnoM> heh guys, winNT has possibilities you dont even dream of
[15:49] <SOAD> suspect: install some more hardware you might find otherwise
[15:49] <@Mind_Booster> Sorry people, I had to go to pvt, any question I didn't answer yet?
[15:49] <@zwanderer> pfft
[15:49] <suspect> SOAD, Yeah I dont have any hardware..none!
[15:49] <@zwanderer> fuck it
[15:50] <JH> Mind_Booster: did you mean a battle between Unix and VMS? you said Vax
[15:50] <PolyGnoM> pointless anyways this convo
[15:50] *** Mikkkeee sets mode: +o cube
[15:50] <HcC> hows it goin mikkkeee?
[15:50] <@zwanderer> PolyGnoM: aye..
[15:50] <PolyGnoM> :-)
[15:50] <HcC> :)
[15:51] <SOAD> suspect: I've tested 2k by installing lots of different hardware and I can make it 'crash-prone'
[15:51] <@Mind_Booster> JH: Yes, you're right.
[15:51] <suspect> SOAD, thats nice.
[15:51] <HcC> anyway I think basically the whole windows linux battle will never be truly won because ppl have their own
[15:51] <JH> i think there is probably a linux port for vax
[15:51] <@Mind_Booster> But UNIX and VAX was the center of the Hack culture
[15:51] <SOAD> suspect: heh just pointing out it's not perfect
[15:52] <PolyGnoM> "hack culture" - maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
[15:52] <suspect> SOAD..Unlike You, I dont TRY and crash my OS.
[15:52] <@Mind_Booster> and there were some "wars" between fans of one and other
[15:52] <PolyGnoM> tzzz
[15:52] <suspect> :)
[15:52] <@Mind_Booster> just as later
[15:52] * SOAD laughs
[15:52] <@Mind_Booster> with PC vs. AMIGA
[15:52] <@Mind_Booster> or soething like that :)
[15:52] <JH> anyone tried running linux on an amiga?
[15:53] <PolyGnoM> lol - silence
[15:54] <SOAD> JH: nope
[15:54] <JH> i think i'll try that tonight
[15:54] <Neophyte> lol
[15:54] <@Mind_Booster> HcC: But is stupid to have an OS that burns at least a 233MMX and 1Gb hard-disk for it's instalation...
Just to point the beggining of it all, I could just start complaining (and spend some hoursr on it) about the installation of
[15:55] <PolyGnoM> this comment is crappy Mind_Booster
[15:55] <@Mind_Booster> JH: You can get it but take it ease: dependidng on your AMIGA you may have to flash it all!
[15:55] <SOAD> Mind_Booster: you forgetting the fact about the expansion of CPU speed and the drop in price per gigabyte
[15:55] <SOAD> erm you're
[15:56] <JH> bbl
[15:56] <HcC> lol
[15:56] <HcC> mindbooster
[15:56] *** LiquidCrystalDismay ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[15:56] <HcC> I've gone over this a million times
[15:56] <@Mind_Booster> PolyGnoM: Well, I can't just forgive an OS that forces me to occupy 1Gb of disk just to have it running!
[15:56] <HcC> nobody wins the battle
[15:56] <suspect> doh
[15:56] <SOAD> lol most likely not
[15:56] <@Mind_Booster> Well, my point is: fight.
[15:57] <SOAD> this is like arguing over religion
[15:57] <suspect> These days You dont pay so much per gig, You pay for the labour
[15:57] <HcC> heh
[15:57] <@Mind_Booster> Well, I guess noone has more questions so...
[15:57] <HcC> I'm not religious
[15:57] <HcC> :P
[15:57] <suspect> so I dont mind giving 2 gigs to linux - np.
[15:57] <@Mind_Booster> -------- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS TIME OVER -------------