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An IRC lecture about standard IRC services, and how to spoof your IP in IRC.

Session Start: Fri Jun 09 21:07:07 2000
[21:07] *** Now talking in #bsrf
[21:07] *** Topic is 'Welcome to BSRF's official channel! | Web: http://blacksun.box.sk | Check blacksun.box.sk/irc.html for details about the coming lecture!'
[21:07] *** Set by Raven on Thu Jun 08 21:12:24
[21:07] -ChanServ- Welcome to BSRF's official channel! | Web: http://blacksun.box.sk | Check blacksun.box.sk/irc.html for details about the coming lecture!
[21:07] <Mind_Booster> Hi again ppl!


[21:37] <Mind_Booster> 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator #23. Show other passengers a wound and ask if it looks infected.
<Mikkkeee> you will understand if your from britain
<Min_spy> have u all seen the new car from ford it is called the pubic cos it is made from old corsairs ;-)
<snider> im outta here
<Min_spy> bye snider
<moo> heehee
<BigFish> you best be gone
<DigitalFallout> Cya snider
<snider> haha
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame - England: A German "tourist," supposedly on a golf holiday, shows up at customs with his golf bag. While making idle chatter about golf, the customs official realizes that the tourist does not know what a "handicap" is. The customs official asks the tourist to demonstrate his swing, which he does--backward! A substantial amount of narcotics was found in the golf bag.
<snider> fish, relax will ya
<Min_spy> ;-)
<snider> fish, www.krank.dk/jpg/6.jpg
[21:39] *** Joins: Air ([email protected])
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, 101 Ways to annoy people - Instead of Gallo, serve Night Train next Thanksgiving.
<DigitalFallout> I am getting close to considering leaving
<snider> have fun :)
<DigitalFallout> DUDE!!!
[21:39] *** Air is now known as Air_Farce_I
<DigitalFallout> That is the "sick" pic
<snider> hehehe
<Air_Farce_I> uhhm yup
<snider> i know
<Air_Farce_I> what sick pic?
<snider> saa ya
<DigitalFallout> Cya
[21:40] *** Quits: snider ([email protected]) (killed by mr IRCop)
<Air_Farce_I> when did u last see tcg speak?
<BigFish> that is really sick
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, Newspaper Headline Goofs - * Man is fatally slain
<Jobber-d> has neone ever been to darpa.org?
<Air_Farce_I> could i have the url for that pic?
[21:40] <Mind_Booster> 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator #31. Wear a puppet on your hand and talk to other passengers "through" it.
<Air_Farce_I> ooh yeah i love that list!
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, What does a blonde say after finding out she's pregnant? - Gee, I hope it's mine.
<Air_Farce_I> it's the funniest i've ever seen
<DigitalFallout> www.krank.dk/jpg/6.jpg
<BigFish> I cant believe people get aroused with that picture
<Air_Farce_I> awesome, i'll have a look
<Jobber-d> EW!!!!!!
<Min_spy> hahaha Sorcerer
<DigitalFallout> In one word what do you think about that pic?
<Jobber-d> disgustifying!
<Min_spy> what do u call a load of blondes stanind ear to ear? a windtunnel
<Air_Farce_I> oh my GOD!!
<DigitalFallout> That is old
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, What did the blonde say when asked if she wanted to be a Jehovah Witness? - Gee, I didn't even see the accident.
<Min_spy> yer sorry
[21:42] *** Quits: pr0gmAn ([email protected]) (Leaving)
[21:42] <Mind_Booster> that pic should be erased... we should hack that site
[21:42] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<Min_spy> ;-)
<BigFish> the pic best be gone
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, How do blondes hold their liquor? - By their ears.
<DigitalFallout> That isn;t the worst one
<BigFish> Its a disgrace to all bigfishes
<Min_spy> hehe
<DigitalFallout> http://www.krank.dk/jpg/Barbra_nude_1.jpg
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, How do you drown a blonde? - Put a mirror in the bottom of the pool.
<Min_spy> what did princess di wear to her funeral? a dark blue bonnet ;-)
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, The most expensive thing in the world is a blonde - who is free for the night.
[21:44] <Mind_Booster> http://www.krank.dk/jpg/yuck.jpg - It's a preety woman! I just dunno why she's with that name - yuck!
<Sorcerer> i like that one
<Sorcerer> ;))
<Min_spy> ;-)
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, What did the postcard from the blonde say? - Having a great time. Where am I?
[21:45] *** Quits: screw ([email protected]) (Leaving)
[21:45] *** Joins: pr0gmAn ([email protected])

<Sorcerer> hahaha
<Sorcerer> e thats nice
<Sorcerer> ;)
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, What is the most used 4 letter word by a blonde? - NEXT!
<DigitalFallout> This is a good one!
<DigitalFallout> http://www.krank.dk/jpg/Groenla.jpg
[21:46] <Mind_Booster> http://www.krank.dk/jpg/what_men_hear.jpg - LOLOLOLOL
<Min_spy> heehee
[21:46] * Min_spy writes that on down
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, Why Chocolate is better than Sex - Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft.
<DigitalFallout> Ok I am going to stay on but not on the comp. I hope he shows up
[21:48] *** DigitalFallout is now known as DF-Away
[21:48] * Mind_Booster If you wanna hear some GREAT musik, go to my RaDiO StAtIoN... Use WinAmp, press CTRL+L, and type ... Now it's playing Marilyn Manson!!!

[21:48] <Mind_Booster> 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator #18. When at least 8 people have boarded, moan from the back: "Oh, not now, damn motion sickness!"
<moo> http://www.krank.dk/cows/ <---- what the hell is all that about??
<Sorcerer> Min_spy, Did you hear about the homosexual electron? Went around blowing fuses.
<Jobber-d> hehe
<BigFish> hah
[21:49] *** Quits: Mikkkeee ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<Sorcerer> ok
<Sorcerer> ppl
<Sorcerer> i am off
[21:49] *** Sorcerer is now known as MANOWAR^
[21:49] <Mind_Booster> 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator #6. On a long ride, sway side to side at the natural frequency of the elevator.
[21:49] *** Quits: MANOWAR^ ([email protected]) (Welcome Your NightMare Here. There Is Nothing Like ...And Justice For All Only: Kill'Em All. Yes Yes I Know Sad But True)
<Min_spy> cya MANOWAR^
[21:50] <Mind_Booster> 2 l4t3
*** No such channel as #portugal
<moo> pictures of cows...why??
[21:50] *** Joins: RedShadow ([email protected])
[21:51] <Mind_Booster> Yo momma so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies.
[21:51] <Mind_Booster> lolol
[21:51] * Min_spy giggles
[21:52] *** Quits: rev_i2tb ([email protected]) (ircN 7.0 for mIRC)
<BigFish> im cheesing it
[21:52] *** Parts: BigFish ([email protected])
<Min_spy> is it possible to serverside nuke on icq servers
[21:53] <Mind_Booster> You might be a redneck if Your coffee table used to be a telephone cable spool.
<moo> ...cows...
<Min_spy> i keep tryin but cant knock ne1 off
<parannoyed> shit, i'm so sleepy...i think i better go b4 i....
[21:54] <Mind_Booster> oh shit, why cows?
<parannoyed> fdosijvew 34289v jt3v wjas
<parannoyed> sleep on the keyboard
<parannoyed> oops
<Min_spy> laters parannoyed
[21:54] <Mind_Booster> também sei teclar numa língua que tu não percebes!
<Jobber-d> lol parannoyed
[21:54] * Mind_Booster If you wanna hear some GREAT musik, go to my RaDiO StAtIoN... Use WinAmp, press CTRL+L, and type ... Now it's playing Ministry!!!
<Min_spy> les sanglots longs des violons de l'automene blessent mon coeur d'une langueur monotone
[21:55] <Mind_Booster> 6 minutes to go
[21:55] * Mind_Booster is getting excited
[21:55] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<moo> I'm gonna reconnect brb
[21:56] *** Quits: moo ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<Jobber-d> lots of people left
<DF-Away> I am about to
<pr0gmAn> guess why....
<DF-Away> I am going to see if he is an hour late. If he isn;t here then, I am outta here
<Min_spy> why pro
[21:57] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<Min_spy> pr0gmAn
[21:57] *** Joins: moo ([email protected])
<RedShadow> look he said it starts in 5 mins
[21:57] <Mind_Booster> wb moo
<Min_spy> wb moo
<moo> thank you, hello hello
[21:58] <Mind_Booster> :)
<Air_Farce_I> alright, everyone pay attention
[21:58] <Mind_Booster> whatta...
<Air_Farce_I> raven says he needs people to log the lecture
<Air_Farce_I> we need five people
[21:58] <Mind_Booster> Air Force, u're RAVEN?
<Air_Farce_I> nope
[21:58] <Mind_Booster> I'm one of those 5!
<parannoyed> i've been logging this chan
<Air_Farce_I> alright, 1 down, 4 to go!
[21:58] * RedShadow has logged everything ever on IRC
<Air_Farce_I> 3 to go
<moo> ok count me in
<Air_Farce_I> 2
<Air_Farce_I> 1
<Air_Farce_I> one more!
<Air_Farce_I> come on come on come on
[21:59] <Mind_Booster> air force, u're the one!
[21:59] <Mind_Booster> I minute to go
[21:59] * Mind_Booster If you wanna hear some GREAT musik, go to my RaDiO StAtIoN... Use WinAmp, press CTRL+L, and type ... Now it's playing KoRn!!!
[21:59] * Min_spy counts down

<moo> now isn't this exciting
<Air_Farce_I> alright, more loggers, just for the sake of it
<Air_Farce_I> :-)
[22:00] *** Joins: TheMysteryMan ([email protected])
*** Clones detected in #bsrf: >>> TheMysteryMan <<< >>> Air_Farce_I <<<
[22:00] * Min_spy feels the suspense

<TheMysteryMan> soo air farce
<TheMysteryMan> are you ready?
[22:00] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
[22:00] <Mind_Booster> *** Clones detected in #bsrf: >>> TheMysteryMan <<< >>> Air_Farce_I <<<
<Air_Farce_I> :-)
<TheMysteryMan> :-)
[22:01] *** TheMysteryMan is now known as Raven
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> YES!
[22:01] *** Quits: Air_Farce_I ([email protected]) (pl0p)
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> I'm the biggest, the brest
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<Raven> Chanserv, op me!
<Raven> i was waiting for someone to notice...
<Raven> :-)
<Raven> Mind_Booster, you'll get rewarded for that later
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> I allways knew
<Raven> after the lecture
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<Raven> at the second part of today's show
[22:01] <Mind_Booster> Raven, thanks
<Raven> :-)
[22:01] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Raven
[22:01] -ChanServ:#bsrf- OP command used for Raven by Raven

<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- Password accepted - you are now recognized.
[22:02] *** Joins: joatz ([email protected])
[22:02] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Raven
[22:02] -ChanServ:#bsrf- OP command used for Raven by Raven

<Jobber-d> bah-ba-da-da!
<DF-Away> Hey raven!
<@Raven> yup
<parannoyed> okay...yay!
<@Raven> hellooooooo everybody!
<pr0gmAn> hey
<@Raven> :-)
<Jobber-d> sup!
[22:02] <Mind_Booster> 3
[22:02] <Mind_Booster> 2
[22:02] <Mind_Booster> 1
[22:02] <Mind_Booster> go!
<@Raven> yup, it's nightfall here in israel
<@Raven> 00:00
<joatz> lol
<MindRift> good afternoon
<@Raven> the countdown is over
<Jobber-d> why so late?
<DF-Away> Go raven go raven!!!!
<parannoyed> eloo raven!
<@Raven> alright, enough with the show
<@Raven> let's get rolling
<DF-Away> Spiffy
<@Raven> so, are we all ready?
[22:02] *** DF-Away is now known as DigitalFallout
<SteeLe> Just to ask,what is this lecture about?
[22:02] <Mind_Booster> I am
[22:02] * Min_spy is ready
<@Raven> hmm
<@Raven> lemme quote
<@Raven> from the irc page
<DigitalFallout> Pimpin
<@Raven> standard IRC services, and faking your IP in IRC, by R a v e N. Explains the basics and use of chanserv, nickserv, memoserv and some non-standard services, and explains how to fake or hide your IP in IRC.
<@Raven> well that's just the first part!
<@Raven> now, i know, this isn't very elite
<DigitalFallout> Yea that sounds rught
<@Raven> hiding your ip in irc
<@Raven> spoofing
<@Raven> irc services
<@Raven> etc'
<@Raven> just wait for the second part
<DigitalFallout> £|_ÎT£
<@Raven> when we will reveal...
<@Raven> no, i'm not supposed to tell
<@Raven> mwhahaha
<DigitalFallout> We can keep a secret
[22:03] <Mind_Booster> :/
<joatz> tötå||¥ Ë|îtË
<@Raven> ahem
<MindRift> the suspense is killing me
<pr0gmAn> %%%%%%%% go go g0 %%%%%%%%
<joatz> lol
<Jobber-d> damn i cant hold the excitment
<@Raven> you will know when the second part begins
<Min_spy> hey nice pop up pr0gmAn
<Jobber-d> :)
[22:04] <Mind_Booster> §Tå® THåT §HîT!
<pr0gmAn> 10x
<pr0gmAn> lets get started
<Jobber-d> yes lets
<DigitalFallout> 10
<DigitalFallout> 9
<DigitalFallout> 8
<DigitalFallout> 7
<DigitalFallout> 6
<DigitalFallout> 5
<DigitalFallout> 4
[22:04] <Mind_Booster> 1
<DigitalFallout> 3
[22:04] <Mind_Booster> 0
<DigitalFallout> 2
<@Raven> owwkay, so... where shall we start?
<@Raven> 17
<@Raven> 0q238957
<DigitalFallout> 1
<@Raven> 038948
<@Raven> 1,000,000
<DigitalFallout> GO!
<@Raven> i hate countdowns
<@Raven> owwkay, so... where shall we start?
<@Raven> irc services?
[22:05] <Mind_Booster> me 2
[22:05] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<Min_spy> yep
<DigitalFallout> SOunds good 2 m3
[22:05] <Mind_Booster> hiding IP
<@Raven> or ip spoofing / hiding?
<DigitalFallout> Hiding then spoofing
[22:05] <Mind_Booster> the last one
<@Raven> alright, vote
<moo> Doe a deer, a female deer
<pr0gmAn> spoofing sounds ok
[22:05] * Min_spy doesnt mind which one we start with
<DigitalFallout> ray a drop of golden sun
[22:05] <Mind_Booster> hiding sounds great
<MindRift> 1 for spoofing
<@Raven> ok, so everyone says spoofing?
<DigitalFallout> SHure
<moo> ya
<parannoyed> yup .. spoof me
<@Raven> ok
<DigitalFallout> Spoofin
<pr0gmAn> %%%%%%%% yep %%%%%%%%
<joatz> yerp
<@Raven> then we shall start with the irc services
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> what? come on!
<@Raven> :-)
[22:06] <Mind_Booster> no shit...
<DigitalFallout> {:)
<@Raven> ok, so irc can be a very exciting thing
<pr0gmAn> ªRGH
<@Raven> especially when you're on efnet
<@Raven> CHAOS!!
<@Raven> ANARCHY!!
<@Raven> these two boys roam efnet
<@Raven> why?
<@Raven> noooo...
[22:06] <Mind_Booster> yes, Virtual Sex
<@Raven> can anybody complete the sentence?
[22:06] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<@Raven> no what?
<@Raven> ohh yeah, that too
<@Raven> efnet has no...
<MindRift> fun
<@Raven> lol
<DigitalFallout> chicks
[22:06] <Mind_Booster> BOTS
<@Raven> it has a lot of it
<pr0gmAn> brain
[22:07] <Mind_Booster> services
<@Raven> lol, efnet is actually BASED on bots
<@Raven> yup, services
<@Raven> I-R-C services
[22:07] <Mind_Booster> memoserv, chanserv, nickserv, ...
<@Raven> chanserv?
<@Raven> nickserv?
[22:07] *** Quits: SteeLe ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<@Raven> who ever heard of 'em?
<DigitalFallout> Yea who is logging it?
<Jobber-d> like 4 ppl
[22:07] <Mind_Booster> I'm logging this, all the rest is crap
<joatz> i got it
<DigitalFallout> I'm not this time
<@Raven> ùíù SignOff SteeLe: #bsrf (Leaving) <== OFF WITH HIS HEAD! lol
<@Raven> so suppose i'm on chanserv
<DigitalFallout> Hey Raven you logging?
<@Raven> and i want #bsrf
<@Raven> DigitalFallout, i'm not logging
<@Raven> i'm leaving this up to you
[22:07] <Mind_Booster> I am
<@Raven> i'm leaving this up to you guys
<@Raven> :-)
<DigitalFallout> Oh great
[22:08] *** Joins: liquid-phish ([email protected])
[22:08] <Mind_Booster> I am
<DigitalFallout> Wanna reconsider
<@Raven> quiet now!
<@Raven> hush hush
<DigitalFallout> ...
[22:08] * Min_spy is currently loggin too ;-)
[22:08] <Mind_Booster> liquid-phish, u're late
<@Raven> imagine you're reading the logs right now
<liquid-phish> i know
<@Raven> and u just want to get to the good part
<@Raven> :-)
<DigitalFallout> :)
<@Raven> now everybody shut up and let me go on
<@Raven> ok, so suppose i'm on efnet
[22:08] *** Joins: screw ([email protected])
[22:08] *** Joins: Mikkkeee ([email protected])

<Mikkkeee> nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo
<@Raven> and i want #bsrf
[22:08] <Mind_Booster> l4t3R5...
<@Raven> and suppose it's not take
<@Raven> and suppose it's not taken
<@Raven> what do i do?
<@Raven> hey screw and Mikkkeee, you're a bit late
<@Raven> :-)
<Mikkkeee> i missed the lecture?
<@Raven> it's okay, i'll brief you up
<Mikkkeee> i was here for 2hrs
[22:09] <Mind_Booster> u put a bot on the channel, so it's yourse :P
<@Raven> we've started with the irc services part
<@Raven> yup Mind_Booster, since efnet has no moderator services...
<@Raven> u can't just "register" a channel
<@Raven> u have to get it first
<@Raven> be the only person in the channel
<@Raven> thus get op status
[22:09] <Mind_Booster> 'course
<@Raven> and then bring in some bots to guard the channel
[22:10] *** Joins: henrybow ([email protected])
<henrybow> hi all
<@Raven> this is why a lot of people would read about a lot of nasty tricks that are hidden inside BSRF's irc warfare tutorial
<liquid-phish> hush
<@Raven> efnet can be mean
<@Raven> and if you want to get a channel
<@Raven> ESPECIALLY if it's security related,
<@Raven> sci-fi related,
<@Raven> or anything we dig
<liquid-phish> star treck???
<@Raven> ;-)
<moo> cheese?
<@Raven> yup, #startrek gets taken over all the time
<DigitalFallout> ZipperGate
<@Raven> lol, cheese too
<moo> yay
<pr0gmAn> hush ppl, let him going
<liquid-phish> no more ds9 :-(
<@Raven> so things become harder when you're a valuable target
<@Raven> because it would be "elite" to get #bsrf or #startrek or #cheese or whatever
<@Raven> well not cheese
<@Raven> but the other two
<moo> grrr
<liquid-phish> heh
<@Raven> but that's efnet...
<DigitalFallout> I had #BSRF for a wile
[22:11] <Mind_Booster> Well, that's why I Have EFNET
<@Raven> DigitalFallout, before it was secured
<@Raven> :-)
<Mikkkeee> raven will anyof this work on dalnet?
<DigitalFallout> :)
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, don't worry, we'll get to it
<@Raven> so i was just saying that efnet has no irc services
[22:12] <Mind_Booster> :)
<@Raven> BUT!
<@Raven> other networks do
<@Raven> most other networks
<Mikkkeee> dalnet does
[22:12] *** Parts: screw ([email protected])
[22:12] *** Joins: screw ([email protected])
[22:12] *** Quits: screw ([email protected]) (Leaving)

<@Raven> efnet is famous of having no services
<@Raven> which makes it a warground
<@Raven> and a heck of a lot of fun
<DigitalFallout> blood shed
<@Raven> dalnet, undernet...
[22:12] <Mind_Booster> PTnet
<liquid-phish> fishnet
<@Raven> all the big and small and even smaller networks have them
<joatz> mikkkeee: efnet is the oldest (and the 1st irc network ----- thats why this shit works there.........)
<@Raven> alright, let's start with the basic and standard services
<liquid-phish> lanuage
<@Raven> ok, there's chanserv...
[22:12] <Mind_Booster> yes
<@Raven> channel service
<liquid-phish> indeed
<@Raven> basically what it does is registering channels
<Mikkkeee> joatz i know
<@Raven> at least that's what it used to do
<@Raven> today it does that and more!
[22:13] *** Joins: screw ([email protected])
<DigitalFallout> Extra Options!!!
<@Raven> Yes, it chops, slices, dices, mices, plices and aputates!
[22:13] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<liquid-phish> hmmmm
<pr0gmAn> :)
<@Raven> Isn't that amazing?
[22:13] <Mind_Booster> no
<@Raven> For a limited time only, you too could be the proud owners of this lovely service!
<pr0gmAn> a wonder chef...
[22:13] * liquid-phish is confused
<@Raven> now let's see what chanserv does
[22:13] <Mind_Booster> I want one of those!
<liquid-phish> k
<joatz> lol
<Min_spy> k
<@Raven> so, as all other services, we have to send it a private message for commands
<@Raven> let's start with the basic command:
<@Raven> help
<@Raven> you type /msg chanserv help
<@Raven> and it sends you a list of commands
[22:14] <Mind_Booster> Raven, one kuestion....
<@Raven> then you can do /msg chanserv help command
<@Raven> for info about a specific command
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, ask away
[22:14] <Mind_Booster> why does /chanserv works and not only /msg chanserv?
<@Raven> that's on some networks, Mind
<@Raven> networks that have this command
[22:14] <Mind_Booster> like this one
<@Raven> or... with some scripts
[22:15] <Mind_Booster> PTNeET only works without the msg
[22:15] <Mind_Booster> some only works with /quote
<@Raven> it depends on either the irc network or your irc script, which uses /chanserv as a short for /msg chanserv
[22:15] <Mind_Booster> so, whhat's de difference?
<@Raven> yes, /quote chanserv
<@Raven> the /quote command is used to insert raw data into the connection
<@Raven> like explained in the irc warfare tutorial
<Mikkkeee> raven are you going to discuss spoofing?
[22:15] -> Server: I know
*** There is no such command as I

<DigitalFallout> LAter
<@Raven> in the part where it explains about starting an irc session from telnet alone
[22:16] <Mind_Booster> ./quote I know
<@Raven> later, yeah
<Mikkkeee> k
<@Raven> ok, so basically chanserv does a lot of amazing things
<@Raven> for example:
<@Raven> you can associate a message with a channel
<@Raven> a url
[22:16] <Mind_Booster> but why the /chanserv vs. /msg chanse...
<@Raven> a url of the day!
<@Raven> keep the topic locked
<@Raven> set different access levels
<Mikkkeee> i see
<@Raven> set auto op lists
<@Raven> auto voice
<@Raven> and... auto kick
<@Raven> my favorite
<@Raven> :-)
<DigitalFallout> NIfty
<Mikkkeee> hehe
[22:17] <Mind_Booster> also mine
<liquid-phish> indeed
<henrybow> lol
<@Raven> you can hide a channel from the /list command
<liquid-phish> like a fish almost
<Mikkkeee> lol
<@Raven> which lists all available channels in the network
<@Raven> you can restrict access to certain people
<liquid-phish> duh
<@Raven> or allow access to certain people
<DigitalFallout> INvite onyl
<Jobber-d> pws?
<@Raven> or lock the channel with a password
<@Raven> or make it an invite-only channel, so only invited people can come in
<@Raven> you can tell it to send you a notice when someone ops/deops someone else
<henrybow> who is logging?
<Jobber-d> i am
[22:18] <Mind_Booster> I am
<moo> moo
<@Raven> you can secure the ops status so even when someone has op, he cannot op others
<@Raven> lock the channel modes...
<henrybow> send me the log! later!
<@Raven> and what not
<Jobber-d> thas cool
<liquid-phish> can some one send me the log???
<DigitalFallout> Like takeover bots :)
<Mikkkeee> hot
<@Raven> chanserv does a heck of a lot of things
<liquid-phish> indeed
<@Raven> alright, that was chanserv
<@Raven> far more exciting that u thought, huh?
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> god like almost
[22:18] *** Quits: screw ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<Jobber-d> hehe i am enlightened
<@Raven> no, the gods reside in #operhelp
<Mikkkeee> damn
<liquid-phish> me too
<@Raven> when in trouble, always go to #operhelp
<liquid-phish> sorry
[22:19] <Mind_Booster> I'll give the log in the end of the lecture if u pvt me
<@Raven> irc operators are supposed to stay in there
<@Raven> and help anyone in trouble
<henrybow> pvt?
<liquid-phish> pvt???
<Mikkkeee> its going to be at BSRF
<@Raven> pvt = private
<@Raven> :-)
<Jobber-d> private messge
<@Raven> alright, on to nickserv
<liquid-phish> thats what i thought
<@Raven> nickserv is quote simple
<@Raven> but not THAT simple
<@Raven> nickserv = nick service
<DigitalFallout> Register your nick
[22:20] <Mind_Booster> pvt=private
<henrybow> thnx
<@Raven> yes, that's the BASIC function
<@Raven> but...
<@Raven> it does more
<DigitalFallout> Ohhhhh
<@Raven> hmm, let's see...
<@Raven> what happens if u want to restrict access to your nick by password?
<@Raven> you use nickserv
<@Raven> right
<@Raven> but u can also restrict access by ip address or hostname!
<@Raven> alias your nick with others
<Jobber-d> is it a program?
<@Raven> set kill protection...
<@Raven> nickserv is an irc service
<@Raven> just like chanserv
<henrybow> kill protection?
<Jobber-d> oh
<Mikkkeee> one question rav, do ops see who issued the /msg cammand?
<@Raven> nickserv does a lot
<@Raven> they can
<@Raven> but they won't
<@Raven> because they hate going over the logs
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> like i do
<@Raven> i hate logs
<@Raven> besides irc logs, maybe
<@Raven> when they're funny
[22:21] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<@Raven> but security logs?
<@Raven> uh uh
<Jobber-d> its better then bad, its good
<@Raven> i don't like them
<@Raven> i burn them
<@Raven> and then i step on them
<@Raven> until i get tired
<DigitalFallout> to damn repitive
<liquid-phish> on disk???
<@Raven> and then i sit down and pee on them for a while
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> too messy
<Jobber-d> well that was nice to know
<DigitalFallout> GET A MOP IN HERE!
<liquid-phish> all that liquid plastic
<liquid-phish> gets in my gills
[22:22] * Mikkkeee says okay good to know
[22:22] * liquid-phish nods

[22:23] <Mind_Booster> Well, that gives me time to fuck your girl 3 or 4 times
[22:23] <Mind_Booster> ;)
<liquid-phish> please continue raven
<@Raven> ohh wait, it does more...
<liquid-phish> whois????
<liquid-phish> i ment whos
<@Raven> whois is not a service
<Mikkkeee> whowas?
<@Raven> it's merely an irc command
<liquid-phish> it was a typo
<@Raven> type /whois nick
<Jobber-d> understandable
<liquid-phish> i was saying whos??
<@Raven> ohh, ok
<moo> who is nick?
<liquid-phish> sok
<@Raven> now check out the command /msg nickserv set hide!
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- Syntax: SET HIDE {EMAIL | USERMASK | QUIT} {ON | OFF}
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])-
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- Allows you to prevent certain pieces of information from
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- being displayed when someone does a NickServ INFO on your
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- nick. You can hide your E-mail address (EMAIL), last seen
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- user@host mask (USERMASK), and last quit message (QUIT).
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- The second parameter specifies whether the information should
<@Raven> -NickServ([email protected])- be displayed (OFF) or hidden (ON).
<liquid-phish> ahahahahahahahahah
<@Raven> now that's kewl
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> indeed
[22:24] * DigitalFallout Shutters
<@Raven> alright, that was nickserv in a nutshell
[22:24] * liquid-phish nods in agreement
<@Raven> ohh, wait, one more important thing
<@Raven> have u ever been to irc...
<@Raven> when suddenly...
<@Raven> you got disconnected?
<@Raven> or DoSsed maybe?
<Jobber-d> of course
[22:24] <Mind_Booster> yap
<DigitalFallout> Anoying none the less
<@Raven> do u know what happens?
<liquid-phish> no
<@Raven> well, your irc client doesn't properly disconnect
[22:24] <Mind_Booster> u'll tell us
<liquid-phish> i had that once
<@Raven> and you will only disappear from the network after a minute to five minutes, depending on the network's configurations
<liquid-phish> or something simila
<@Raven> when it doesn't accept ping replies from you anymore
[22:25] [Raven PING reply]: 1sec
[22:25] *** Joins: PiGuS ([email protected])

[22:25] <Mind_Booster> thank you for pinging me Raven
<Mikkkeee> but can it be other errors than pings
[22:25] [Mikkkeee PING reply]: 1sec
<liquid-phish> haha
<liquid-phish> hehe
[22:25] <Mind_Booster> and Mikkkkkeeee
<@Raven> yeah, but the most common are improper exits
<@Raven> so nickserv can help...
<@Raven> because when u later return
<liquid-phish> ah ha
<Mikkkeee> i see
<DigitalFallout> NIckserv To the Rescue
<@Raven> the irc server thinks that you're still online with your old nick, right?
<liquid-phish> yep
<Jobber-d> yeah
[22:26] <Mind_Booster> so, there's ghost
<liquid-phish> thats annoying
<@Raven> and it'll wait a minute or three or five until u don't reply to it's ping request
[22:26] [Raven PING reply]: 2secs
<@Raven> and it'll wait a minute or three or five until u don't reply to it's ping requests
<@Raven> and only then cut you off
<liquid-phish> it gets ping time out
[22:26] [liquid-phish PING reply]: 1sec
<@Raven> that's quite annoying...
<liquid-phish> and kills its self
<DigitalFallout> PIng/Pong I wanna play a game now...
<@Raven> having to wait all this time to retrieve your nick
[22:27] [DigitalFallout PING reply]: 266829hrs 15mins 56secs
<@Raven> how about... the ghost user function?
<Mikkkeee> raven why does it take a while when loading into a channel like status will be slow sometimes, is it user security?
[22:27] <Mind_Booster> [DigitalFallout PING reply]: 266829hrs 15mins 56secs
[22:27] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<@Raven> a ghost user is such a user
<@Raven> using /msg nickserv ghost you can kill the ghost user
<Jobber-d> hehe
<DigitalFallout> :) Yea my line has been running a bit slow
<@Raven> and regain your nick
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> kewl
<@Raven> alright, that's nickserv in a nutshell
<Jobber-d> can you just boot the ghost?
<@Raven> there's more, of course
<henrybow> what is a ghost user?
<@Raven> type /msg nickserv help
<liquid-phish> KILL ALL GHOSTS
<@Raven> same with chanserv
[22:27] <Mind_Booster> Raven, how can I do to hude my IP?
<liquid-phish> typo
<@Raven> mind, wait
<@Raven> that's the second part
[22:28] <Mind_Booster> Raven, how can I do to hide my IP?
[22:28] <Mind_Booster> ok, ok
<@Raven> ok, chanserv and nickserv, the two basic services
<@Raven> now, some networks also have... memoserv
<liquid-phish> indeed
<@Raven> what a useful service!
<Mikkkeee> cloak is an option
<@Raven> you can leave memos to people!
[22:28] *** Joins: blu3h4z3 ([email protected])
<liquid-phish> kewl
<@Raven> so when they log on next to the network
<DigitalFallout> YOu have maiL!
<Mikkkeee> type /mode <nick> +z
<@Raven> they can read your memos
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, that's one of the methods
<@Raven> we'll get to that later
<@Raven> just hold still
<Mikkkeee> damn it only is supported on some servers
<@Raven> basically that's what it does
[22:29] <Mind_Booster> memoserv rox
<@Raven> but the recipient has to be registered with nickserv
<@Raven> so others can't read his memos
<liquid-phish> ah ha
<DigitalFallout> That would be nice
<@Raven> so using memoserv you can...
<@Raven> send memos
<@Raven> read your memos
<@Raven> and delete them!
<@Raven> wow!!
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> eat memos?
[22:29] <Mind_Booster> c00L
<@Raven> eat them too
[22:29] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<Mikkkeee> burn memoz
<Jobber-d> if you like eating bytes
<@Raven> ohh, and you can have a maximum number of memos
<@Raven> so people can't flood you with memos
<liquid-phish> or watch startrek with them
<joatz> lol digital
<@Raven> that feature was added later...
<@Raven> due to...
<@Raven> ahem...
<Jobber-d> hehe
[22:30] <Mind_Booster> flood
[22:30] *** Quits: pr0gmAn ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
<Mikkkeee> lol
<@Raven> abuse
<@Raven> :-)
<DigitalFallout> NUde Nide wink wink
<liquid-phish> i hate abuse
<@Raven> right, these are the three basic services
<Jobber-d> fserve?
<@Raven> you'll see these three on almost every major and minor network
<DigitalFallout> damn hackers. Always taking down the internet
[22:30] <Mind_Booster> fserve is not a service
<liquid-phish> err
<Jobber-d> my bad
<joatz> its script
<@Raven> but...
<@Raven> there are more
[22:31] * Mikkkeee i agree with digital, :)
<@Raven> some networks have original services
<@Raven> for example...
<@Raven> an irc network in israel was planning...
<liquid-phish> to?
<@Raven> well i think it's ready by now, i didn't bother checking
<@Raven> but anyway they had a service called...
<@Raven> botserv!!
<liquid-phish> kewl
<@Raven> basically it let's you create your own bot
<blu3h4z3> ..
<MindRift> oooooo
<DigitalFallout> Pimpin
<MindRift> hmmmm
<@Raven> no need to know a single eggdrop command
<Mikkkeee> evil bots?
[22:32] <Mind_Booster> I saw onde server whoere ther was only services
<MindRift> ?
<@Raven> just configure your baby to do... well mostly everything
<liquid-phish> happy bots
[22:32] <Mind_Booster> like /servervices nick register...
<blu3h4z3> ..
<@Raven> you can't use it to take over channels
<DigitalFallout> "Love" Bots
<@Raven> obviously the service won't let you create such bots
[22:32] <Mind_Booster> like /services channel register...
<liquid-phish> sex bots
<DigitalFallout> ;)
<joatz> reality.bunker7.net was lettin opers send/receive icq msgs through their server
<blu3h4z3> ..
<liquid-phish> startrek bots
<@Raven> alright everyone, take three minutes off
<Mikkkeee> k henry
<liquid-phish> thanks
<henrybow> SEND IT TO [email protected]
<@Raven> i'll be back in exactly three minutes
<henrybow> thnx
<blu3h4z3> ..
<Jobber-d> alrighty
<@Raven> for the ip spoofing / hiding part
[22:32] <Mind_Booster> ok
<blu3h4z3> ..
<blu3h4z3> ..
<blu3h4z3> ..
<henrybow> cu
<DigitalFallout> Time to get a soda
<Mikkkeee> cya
<@Raven> starting...
<@Raven> NOW
<liquid-phish> why are lecture GMT time???
<DigitalFallout> MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!!
<Mikkkeee> time to get some sleep
<Mikkkeee> and cause havox on dalnet
<Mikkkeee> lol
<DigitalFallout> :)
[22:33] *** Quits: henrybow ([email protected]) (The moment it borns it begins to die)
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<DigitalFallout> HALFTIME SHOW!!!!
<blu3h4z3> ummmn. someone like send me the log
<blu3h4z3> who will do that?
<blu3h4z3> ????
<Min_spy> it is easy for everyone to convert the time to gmt
<Mikkkeee> guys the log will be posted on bsrf tomorrow
<Mikkkeee> or today
<blu3h4z3> email it to [email protected]
<DigitalFallout> As nude russions fill the room Metallica takes the stage
<Mikkkeee> no need to worry
[22:34] *** Parts: blu3h4z3 ([email protected])
<DigitalFallout> DIE DIE DIE MY DARLING!!!!!!
<joatz> lol digital
<Jobber-d> hurrah
[22:34] <Mind_Booster> mp3 rullezzzz
<DigitalFallout> OPening for metallica, Britney Spears
[22:34] * liquid-phish sucks an egg quitly to himself
<@Raven> ooh metallica, YEAH!!
<Jobber-d> can i have a suck?
<liquid-phish> NO
<Jobber-d> its a shame they want to destroy napster
<Mikkkeee> who got a soda?
<liquid-phish> THERE MY EGGS
<DigitalFallout> Anyone goint to the sanatariam tour?
<Mikkkeee> i want a soda
<Jobber-d> not even one suck?
<liquid-phish> SAVE NAPSTER
<Mikkkeee> damn
<Mikkkeee> plz
<liquid-phish> NO......THERE MY FISH EGGS
<Jobber-d> arent fish eggs too small to suck?
<liquid-phish> im a big fish
<DigitalFallout> Caveair
<joatz> lol
<@Raven> "Experience is not counted in years,
<@Raven> it is counted in efforts."
<Jobber-d> but...?
<Mikkkeee> will these converstations be edited ?
<@Raven> R a v e N, 1999
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> A VERY BIG FISH <0(((((((((((((((((((((((><
<Jobber-d> lets hope not
<Mikkkeee> i don't think anyone wants to hear this
<DigitalFallout> U wanna fiSH?
<liquid-phish> hes back
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<Jobber-d> :)
<Jobber-d> tuogh they'll have to
<@Raven> alright, we're off again
[22:36] * Mikkkeee asks are there any females here?
<liquid-phish> RAVEN you were only 2:56
<@Raven> hmm, so after we've gone through the all-around basic meet-and-greet irc services tour...
<Jobber-d> a whole 4 secs off. tsk tsk
<liquid-phish> people today
<@Raven> we're off to the second part of the first part (ooh, the complexity is dazzling) of today's show
[22:37] * liquid-phish head hurts
<Jobber-d> im confused
<Jobber-d> :)
<@Raven> Jobber-d, how dare you insult my Swatch Irony (c)(tm) watch?!
<@Raven> lol
<Jobber-d> hehe
[22:37] * Mikkkeee asks lets begin
<@Raven> 4 secs? blame that on lag
<@Raven> :-)
<DigitalFallout> Swatch Rocks
<@Raven> alright
<@Raven> so as i was saying...
<Mikkkeee> k
<@Raven> irc is a dangerous place
<@Raven> even with chanserv and his fellows
<Mikkkeee> yah
<@Raven> irc could be VERY mean
<liquid-phish> i like the ones you program with ski passes
<DigitalFallout> Mostly liek ppl like us
<@Raven> the worst part is the DoS attacks
[22:38] <Mind_Booster> oh shit
<Mikkkeee> hehe
[22:38] <Mind_Booster> i'm loosing this
<liquid-phish> i hate DoS
<Jobber-d> damn those disk operatin systems
<@Raven> hmm let's make it interactive, could anyone tell me what DoS attacks are?
<@Raven> for our fellow newbie readers
<@Raven> :-)
<Jobber-d> hrehe
<Jobber-d> denial of service
<liquid-phish> denile of service
<DigitalFallout> DENIAL OF SERVICE!
<@Raven> Jobber-d, lol
<Min_spy> denials
<Mikkkeee> denial of service
<MindRift> bad
<@Raven> DoS = Denial of Service
<Mikkkeee> lame shit
<Jobber-d> they flood you with packets
<@Raven> Dental Service
<liquid-phish> ok so we all know
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<joatz> lol
<@Raven> Jobber-d, not necessarily
<Jobber-d> oh?
<liquid-phish> destruction of salad
<@Raven> ladies and gentlemen...
<parannoyed> denial of ser...
<@Raven> may i present:
<@Raven> blacksun.box.sk/dos.txt
<parannoyed> opps to late
<Jobber-d> hehe liquid
<liquid-phish> i hate salad
<Mikkkeee> some times of dos are lame while some can be very effective!
<@Raven> 1417 lines about common DoS attacks
<Mikkkeee> very
<@Raven> anyway
<@Raven> dos attacks can get very annoying
<@Raven> and are often very easy to carry out
<liquid-phish> duh
<@Raven> they're used usually by script kiddies with exploits
<DigitalFallout> Speak the word brother!
<@Raven> sometimes they will make your computer crash
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<Jobber-d> amen!
<@Raven> forcing you to restart
<@Raven> sometimes they will just make it hang
<DigitalFallout> Not me! I;m special
<liquid-phish> ping of death
[22:40] [liquid-phish PING reply]: 2secs
<@Raven> forcing you to...
<@Raven> well, restart
<Jobber-d> hehe
<@Raven> btw did you know that viruses are considered to be DoS attacks?
<@Raven> really
<Jobber-d> by who?
<@Raven> by definition
<parannoyed> why?
<@Raven> AND by most modern security writers
<Jobber-d> i never knew that
<Mikkkeee> not all!
<RedShadow> so is a power cut
<@Raven> because they deny service
<liquid-phish> you mean worms
<Min_spy> yer norton even detects click now ;-)
<DigitalFallout> Learn sompthin new every day
<@Raven> you see, if a server or even your own computer get infected
<Jobber-d> yup :)
<Mikkkeee> it depends
<@Raven> you are denied service from your computer or that server or whatever
<liquid-phish> its all relitive
<DigitalFallout> OIC
<Jobber-d> well now it makes sense :)
<@Raven> yup
<@Raven> so anyway
<@Raven> suppose you insult someone
<@Raven> and he decides to DoS you in return
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> how elite...
<Mikkkeee> click are you sure?
[22:41] <Mind_Booster> bot it sucks
<DigitalFallout> U kick his ass
<Min_spy> yep
<@Raven> so suppose you get DoSsed, that would be very annoying
<@Raven> now, a good firewall can stop most DoS attacks...
<@Raven> but what about...
<DigitalFallout> So you call his mom and ground him from the comp
<@Raven> bandwidth-based attacks?
<Min_spy> serverside
<@Raven> the most obvious one: ping flood
<@Raven> getting flooded with pings
[22:42] <Mind_Booster> gimme a good firewall
[22:42] [Raven PING reply]: 1sec
<@Raven> if the offender has a larger bandwidth, you're down
<DigitalFallout> ZoneAlarm
<@Raven> DigitalFallout, ZoneAlarm sucks
<@Raven> :-)
<liquid-phish> i got adsl hehehhe
<DigitalFallout> Oh I'm hurt
<Jobber-d> was that sarcasm raveN/
<@Raven> liquid-phish here is a mean flooding machine
<liquid-phish> i have the bandwidth of a small eaten european country
<@Raven> Jobber-d, no, ZoneAlarm just sucks
<@Raven> :-)
<Mikkkeee> raven some ping floods can be stopped at the border router
[22:43] [Mikkkeee PING reply]: 3secs
<@Raven> liquid-phish, lol
<Jobber-d> lol alright ill remember that
[22:43] <Mind_Booster> Raven, stop Ping Flooding me!
<DigitalFallout> Plain and simple
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, that's true
[22:43] <Mind_Booster>
<@Raven> but go tell your isp to do that
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, nice try
[22:43] <Mind_Booster> and mikkkeee too
<@Raven> lol
<@Raven> so anyway...
<@Raven> if you get ping flooded
[22:43] [Raven PING reply]: 3secs
<@Raven> all that your firewall can do for you...
<@Raven> is to hold the backfire
<Jobber-d> .....
[22:44] <Mind_Booster> [Raven PING reply]: 3secs
[22:44] <Mind_Booster> raven, that's good? or bad?
<Jobber-d> someone DoSed raven!
<Jobber-d> :)
<liquid-phish> not me....honest
<Jobber-d> sure ;)
<liquid-phish> no really
<liquid-phish> im on windoze
<Jobber-d> i know im j/k
<liquid-phish> so no unix or adsl at the mo
<liquid-phish> which sucks and blows
<Jobber-d> at the same time
<Jobber-d> ?
<liquid-phish> painfull
<Jobber-d> hehe i can imaging
<Jobber-d> wheres raven?
[22:46] * liquid-phish has a mental image of sucking and blowing
<liquid-phish> who dosed raven?
<liquid-phish> or is he making tea
<Jobber-d> lol probly tea
<liquid-phish> or sucking eggs
<liquid-phish> like me
<Jobber-d> and why is noone else talking?
[22:47] * liquid-phish continues sucking his egg
<@Raven> which means:
<Mikkkeee> but if you have a shitty isp with fat assholes who eat donuts everyday your in trouble,heheheh
<@Raven> your computers will not respond to the pings
<@Raven> thus eliminating half of the damage
<@Raven> it also might save SOME (ahem) OSs from crashing
<DigitalFallout> Oh %50 damage....
<@Raven> win95 crashes... sometimes
<@Raven> win98 crashes after a minute of ping flooding
<DigitalFallout> (startrek feferance)
<Mikkkeee> win95 alwayz
<parannoyed> i gotta go. is the log going to be posted on the website? or do i need somebody 2 send me 1?
<@Raven> now, some attacks are devastating
<@Raven> smurf for example
<@Raven> or papasmurf
<DigitalFallout> I RUN 3.1 BABBY
<Mikkkeee> on the site
<DigitalFallout> IGMP
<@Raven> let's not get into this, it's all explained in the DoS tutorial
<Mikkkeee> igmp can be filtered
<@Raven> so anyway, that was one good reason for why you should hide or spoof your IP
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, again, go tell your ISP to do that
<@Raven> now, here's another good reason to spoof your IP:
[22:47] *** Joins: N ([email protected])
*** Clones detected in #bsrf: >>> N <<< >>> Min_spy <<<
<@Raven> suppose you get banned...
<DigitalFallout> Now for the million dolar question... HOW DO YOU DO IT!
<Mikkkeee> i did it my self hehehe
<@Raven> banning can be set according to nick, ident or ip / hostname
<@Raven> or ip range / hostname range
<@Raven> for example: everyone coming from your ISP
<@Raven> now, nick can be easily spoofed
<@Raven> and so is ident
<DigitalFallout> Hey min, ditch the clone
<@Raven> but what about your ip / hostname?
<@Raven> that's another reason
<@Raven> there are many reasons
<@Raven> now let's just get to doing things
<N> yer i disconnected min isnt there
[22:47] * Mikkkeee says guys this is valuable let rav speak!
<@Raven> alright, so in MOST networks, you can type this command
<N> must be what raven was talking about in the first bit
<@Raven> type: /mode Raven +z
[22:47] *** Quits: Min_spy ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
<@Raven> or +x
<@Raven> depends on the network
<@Raven> and of course substitute raven with your nick
[22:47] *** Quits: N ([email protected]) ( MafiaScript Version 6.0 Gold Edition Get it at.. Http://www.henterprises.com/sh/ )
[22:47] <Mind_Booster> waiting...
<@Raven> this will hide your ip and hostname, so when someone does /whois yournick, he won't get your ip / hostname
<@Raven> but... if you're banned by ip / hostname, this won't help
<@Raven> because the irc server still knows your ip / hostname
[22:47] *** Joins: Min_spy ([email protected])
<@Raven> hmm just checking, did i just lag out?
[22:47] * Min_spy back ;-)
<parannoyed> shit, gotta go....when it's the best part
<@Raven> alright, i didn't
<parannoyed> bye
<liquid-phish> YES
<Min_spy> i lagged out
[22:48] *** Quits: parannoyed ([email protected]) (bye)
<DigitalFallout> Cya
<@Raven> good
<liquid-phish> bgye
<@Raven> okay, so +z and +x don't help against bans
<liquid-phish> doh
<liquid-phish> not duh
<@Raven> now, here are some other ways to spoof your ip:
<@Raven> 1.
<@Raven> bnc
<liquid-phish> i was being polie
<liquid-phish> t
<Mikkkeee> k
<Mikkkeee> Raven speak
[22:49] *** Quits: joatz ([email protected]) ((I was using Polaris IRC) Version:(2.04) Webpage:(http://members.xoom.com/Polaris_IRC/) Wasted:(47 Minutes and 21 Seconds Online))
<liquid-phish> hehe
<@Raven> sorry, i was away for a sec
<liquid-phish> where is everyone?
<liquid-phish> sok
<DigitalFallout> umm..... I;m here
<Mikkkeee> here
<@Raven> ok, i'm back
<@Raven> 1. bnc
<liquid-phish> which is?
<@Raven> anyone here knows what bnc is?
<DigitalFallout> bouncing
<liquid-phish> no
<@Raven> bnc stands for bouncer
<MindRift> no
<Mikkkeee> k
<@Raven> basically it's a program
<@Raven> you run it on some computer
<@Raven> usually a shell account
<@Raven> but it has to be paid or hacked
<liquid-phish> i knew that....no really
[22:50] <Mind_Booster> Raven,, when servers has no +x nor +z, what to do?
<@Raven> no free shell accounts
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, pray
<@Raven> or try one of the other methods
<@Raven> so anyway, you run a bnc on some network
<Mikkkeee> they allow you to cloak your ip
<liquid-phish> indeed
<@Raven> then, you connect to it from your irc client
<@Raven> just like you connect to a regular network
<@Raven> by typing: /server your-bnc's-address
[22:51] [Raven PING reply]: 1sec
<Mikkkeee> raven i have seen a ton of host/ip spoofers do they work?
<Min_spy> is it like a proxy then?
<Mikkkeee> yah
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, they're probably phony
<@Raven> Min_spy, sorta
<liquid-phish> probaly trogens
<liquid-phish> j
<Mikkkeee> i seen some at theargon.com
<Min_spy> k
<Mikkkeee> nah
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, maybe you're confusing them with ident spoofers
[22:52] <Mind_Booster> raven, bnc is the same as using a proxy or a WinGate?
<@Raven> read about ident in the irc warfare tutorial
<Jobber-d> if not, what is different?
[22:52] * Mikkkeee say i think so
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, sorta
<@Raven> lemme get to it
<@Raven> so when you connect to a bnc
[22:52] <Mind_Booster> ok
<@Raven> you can make it bounce your connection
<@Raven> what does it mean?
<@Raven> you tell it to connect to some irc server
<liquid-phish> ???
<@Raven> go to a channel...
<liquid-phish> ??
<liquid-phish> ?
<@Raven> send this...
<@Raven> do that...
<@Raven> and it does everything for you
<Mikkkeee> liquid its just hot
<@Raven> thus making it appear as if your ip is the ip of the box that runs the bnc
[22:53] <Mind_Booster> no DCC's
<liquid-phish> ?
<Mikkkeee> raven some servers kick ppl with such tools
<Mikkkeee> ?
<@Raven> hmm some...
<@Raven> some servers will check to see if your ip accepts connections on common bnc ports
<@Raven> BUT!!
[22:53] *** liquid-phish is now known as crash-and-burn
<Mikkkeee> anyways to bypass it
<@Raven> if you configure your bnc to accept a connection from you a different port
<@Raven> then you don't get sighted
<@Raven> you see, when you connect to an irc server
<Jobber-d> port scan?
<@Raven> the server doesn't know if this is your ip
<DigitalFallout> Like 6667?
<@Raven> or a bnc's ip
[22:54] <Mind_Booster> raven, so... what's the difference from this and a proxy?
<@Raven> so he tries to telnet into this ip on common bnc ports to see if there's a bnc there
[22:54] * crash-and-burn has lost his eg
[22:54] * crash-and-burn g

<@Raven> if the server finds it, you're cut off
<@Raven> but you can change this port into a non-standard port
<@Raven> fun!!
<crash-and-burn> it cant find you
<@Raven> fun for the whole family
<crash-and-burn> he he
<@Raven> now, those were bncs
<@Raven> now we go for wingates
<Mikkkeee> raven irc servers allow only specific ports it might work on 7000
<Mikkkeee> i thk
<@Raven> wingate is a cute little program
<DigitalFallout> ......cute.......
<crash-and-burn> aahh
<@Raven> anyone knows what it's SUPPOSED to do?
<Jobber-d> its a remote proxy
[22:55] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<DigitalFallout> More than 1 comp use 1 internet account
<@Raven> okay, so suppose you have three computers at home
[22:55] * crash-and-burn is worried about ravens mental state
<Min_spy> yep proxy to hide ip
[22:56] <Mind_Booster> wingate's are really funny
<Mikkkeee> it links to boxes together
<@Raven> they're all connected via a local area network
<crash-and-burn> i have five
<@Raven> they're all connected via a local area network
<Mikkkeee> and are garbage
[22:56] * Jobber-d is feeling very smart :)
<@Raven> be quiet for a sec, i'm trying to explain
<Mikkkeee> lol
<@Raven> okay, so suppose you have three computers at home
<@Raven> they're all connected via a local area network
<crash-and-burn> five
<@Raven> but only one of them is connected to the net
<@Raven> and you want the others to share it's connection
<crash-and-burn> you use a wingate
<@Raven> but only one of them has a valid IP
<@Raven> so this computer runs the wingate program
<@Raven> or a similar program
<crash-and-burn> you route them all though the wingate
<@Raven> wingate is the most popular one
<@Raven> and it let's the others share the connection
<Mikkkeee> and buggy
<crash-and-burn> for unix?
<@Raven> just as if it was a proxy server
<Jobber-d> winblows
<@Raven> crash-and-burn, there are things like that for unix too
<@Raven> but they're less buggy
<Jobber-d> of course
<crash-and-burn> i know
<crash-and-burn> i have a lan
<crash-and-burn> but i dont use wingate thingys
[22:57] <Mind_Booster> raven, so, for IRC warfare purposes, they are all the same?
<@Raven> because software makers for windows are often...
<DigitalFallout> Talk about stating the obvious
<@Raven> how should i say this...
<@Raven> less talented
<DigitalFallout> Drunk/High on beeing over paied
<Mikkkeee> raven plz don't waste your time with mircoshit
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, i'll get to that
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, lol
<@Raven> ok, so this is what wingates are supposed to do
<@Raven> now, what if your wingate is... MISCONFIGURED?
<crash-and-burn> its a router...kinda
<@Raven> 80% of all break-ins are caused by misconfigurations
<Jobber-d> anyone can access it
<Mikkkeee> or you have a dumb admin
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<crash-and-burn> does to me
<crash-and-burn> j/k
<@Raven> what if your wingate doesn't accept connections only from the LAN
<Jobber-d> is that a fact raven?
<@Raven> but from other hosts on the internet as well?
<@Raven> Jobber-d, yes, that's true
<crash-and-burn> cool
<crash-and-burn> i use my schools wingate
<crash-and-burn> he he
<Jobber-d> lol
<@Raven> i'm talking about server break-ins, not PCs getting hacked by trojans
<crash-and-burn> i dont like trojens
<@Raven> so if you find a wingate that accepts connection from the outside as well
<RedShadow> hey Raven am I less talented too ?
<Mikkkeee> lol
<@Raven> you can use it!
<@Raven> simple!
<RedShadow> :)
<crash-and-burn> using them is lazy
<@Raven> telnet to it's ip and into port 23
[22:59] * Mikkkeee none of that lame shit guys
<@Raven> you will usually be greeted with a message
<Jobber-d> is it illegal?
<@Raven> sometimes a password
<@Raven> which can be brute-forced
<@Raven> Jobber-d, no, of course it's illegal
<@Raven> :-)
<crash-and-burn> but thats illegal....
<Mikkkeee> yah illegal
<Mikkkeee> hehe
[22:59] * crash-and-burn is shocked
<@Raven> i know
<Mikkkeee> so what
<@Raven> so are bncs
[23:00] * Mikkkeee laughs at crash
<@Raven> you're not supposed to do those things
<Jobber-d> thats odd. oh well
<DigitalFallout> Who would have gussed
<crash-and-burn> its hadly murder
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> so anyway, once you're in
<@Raven> and connected to a wingate
<@Raven> you type this into your telnet program:
<@Raven> ip port
<@Raven> for example:
<@Raven> www.microsoft.com 80
<@Raven> ip / hostname
<@Raven> and it'll connect to it for you
<crash-and-burn> he he
<@Raven> the same goes for misconfigured SOCKS 4 or 5 proxies, only they're on port 1080
<@Raven> you can find wingates by...
<DigitalFallout> How many connections loked togeather do you recomend?
<@Raven> well, either using your school's wingate
<Jobber-d> 69
<Mikkkeee> scanning
<@Raven> or using a scanner
<@Raven> that scans whole subnets for wingates
<Mikkkeee> or lists
<Jobber-d> how can you find your schools wingate?
<@Raven> or lists like in cyberarmy.com/lists
<crash-and-burn> find the ip of you school network
<crash-and-burn> duh
<Mikkkeee> maybe your skewl don't use a wingate?
<@Raven> same for misconfigured socks 4 or 5 firewalls
<Jobber-d> and connect to it?
<Mikkkeee> or proxys4all.cgi.net
<DigitalFallout> Hey Raven. How many wingates/proxies shuld you like togeather?
[23:02] <Mind_Booster> Raven, there's a problem in that thing... When I use a proxy / wingate, I just can't dcc!
[23:02] *** Quits: MindRift ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
<@Raven> btw wingates are often found in @Home networks and asian networks
<Min_spy> ;-)
<crash-and-burn> my school net work is on 24 7 because the govenors telnet into it
<crash-and-burn> he he
<@Raven> the security in @Home (a cable internet provider) and asian networks is approaching zero
[23:02] * Mikkkeee says scan third world nations tons of wingates
<@Raven> that too
<@Raven> third world nations
<@Raven> and arabic countries
<DigitalFallout> Camaroon is a good one
<Mikkkeee> crash supply the ip of that box plz
<Jobber-d> shouldnt they be more worried about food rather then the internet?
<@Raven> around the middle east
<@Raven> heh, my neighbors
[23:03] <Mind_Booster> Raven, there's a problem in that thing... When I use a proxy / wingate, I just can't dcc!
<@Raven> i live in israel
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, that's a drawback
<Mikkkeee> african nations too
<@Raven> i'll tell you why
<@Raven> DCC
<@Raven> what is DCC?
[23:03] * crash-and-burn feels it is his duty to remind every one that japan has the worst internet security in the world
[23:03] <Mind_Booster> direct
<@Raven> DCC stands for Direct Client Connection
<Jobber-d> direct connection g*
[23:03] <Mind_Booster> needs the IP
<Jobber-d> oh yeah
<Min_spy> u cant connect cos it isnt ur ip yes
<@Raven> now, when you start a dcc connection with someone...
<Jobber-d> it doesnt go through the irc server
<@Raven> either a dcc chat or a dcc file transfer
<@Raven> the server gives both ends the IP of the other
<@Raven> and they connect into a certain port
<@Raven> each irc client also has a DCC daemon
<Mikkkeee> raven sometimes i can't send dcc but i can accept how is that
<crash-and-burn> ?
<crash-and-burn> ??
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, think by yourself
<crash-and-burn> ???
<@Raven> common logic
<Mikkkeee> explain plz
<@Raven> nevermind that now
<@Raven> i will explain to you later if u want to
<Mikkkeee> only on my school isp it happens
<Mikkkeee> i think they filter stuff
<@Raven> ohh, only in your school's isp?
<@Raven> hmm could be
<Mikkkeee> yup
<@Raven> nevermind that now
<Mikkkeee> i bypassed it once
<crash-and-burn> my school has a amazingly secure network
<@Raven> so anyway, to use wingates and misconfigured socks 4 or 5 firewalls...
<Mikkkeee> and they locked me up
<@Raven> you start your irc client
[23:05] <Mind_Booster> Raven, so, there's no way of getting DCC's when connected with proxy's?
<@Raven> and tell it that you're connecting through a firewall
<crash-and-burn> they are beta testing the software for a reseach company
<@Raven> give it the wingate's or the firewall's ip or hostname
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, i'm afraid not
<crash-and-burn> its soild
<@Raven> give it the wingate's or the firewall's ip or hostname
<crash-and-burn> i goto go
<@Raven> if they're not password-protected, leave the username and password fields empty
<@Raven> and then just connect
<@Raven> your connection will be slower, though
<crash-and-burn> whos mailing me the log again?
<Mikkkeee> its posted on bsrf
<@Raven> btw wingates and misconfigured firewalls can be used for other things as well
<crash-and-burn> cool
<@Raven> not just irc
[23:07] <Mind_Booster> much slower!
<Min_spy> itl be on the bsrf site soo crash-and-burn
<@Raven> but that's off-topic
<crash-and-burn> bye guys
<DigitalFallout> cya
<Mikkkeee> cya
<Jobber-d> bye
[23:07] *** Parts: crash-and-burn ([email protected])
<Min_spy> bye crash-and-burn
<@Raven> but, why is your connection slower when you are detouring through a proxy?
<@Raven> simple
<@Raven> because your packets take more routes on the way
<Mikkkeee> min he didn't see that
<@Raven> they go through more routers
<@Raven> first to your wingate
<@Raven> and then to your irc server
<Min_spy> i know Mikkkeee ;-)
<Mikkkeee> but it depends on the proxy
<@Raven> right
<Mikkkeee> it can be a fast one sometimes
<Jobber-d> itll slow down a certain amount no matter what
<@Raven> but usually there would be a significat difference between a direct connection and a detour
<Mikkkeee> hehe a little joke
<@Raven> now, those were the basic ways of hiding and spoofing your ip in irc
<@Raven> that ends the first part of today's show
<@Raven> and NOW!!
<Min_spy> dont some scripts ahve a spoofer Raven
<@Raven> the second part...
<@Raven> begins!!
[23:08] <Mind_Booster> and the not-so-basic ones?
<Jobber-d> OMG!
<@Raven> after a short break...
<@Raven> lol
[23:08] * Jobber-d is so excited
<moo> yay
<@Raven> :-)
<Jobber-d> NO!
<@Raven> take ten minutes, everyone
<Jobber-d> damn i was all hypoed up! :)
[23:08] <Mind_Booster> 15 please
[23:09] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<@Raven> go take a whizz
<Jobber-d> lol
<@Raven> grab a drink
<@Raven> alright, 15 minutes
[23:09] *** Quits: PiGuS ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<Jobber-d> underage :(
<DigitalFallout> Gam to metallica
<DigitalFallout> Jam
<@Raven> 15 minutes everyone...
<Mikkkeee> raven whats next
<Min_spy> brb
[23:09] <Mind_Booster> Anybody has a cigar to me?
[23:09] *** Quits: Min_spy ([email protected]) ( MafiaScript Version 6.0 Gold Edition Get it at.. Http://www.henterprises.com/sh/ )
<moo> wiggle your toes
<Mikkkeee> i got to go
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, it's a surprise...
<@Raven> alright, i'm off, be back laaaaaaaaater
<@Raven> :-)
[23:09] *** Quits: Raven ([email protected]) (pl0p)
<Jobber-d> adios
[23:09] * DigitalFallout hands mind a cegar
<Mikkkeee> damn
<Mikkkeee> digital hand me a cigar!
<Jobber-d> mmm... cegars
<DigitalFallout> BRB going to take a piss and gram a snack!
[23:10] *** DigitalFallout is now known as DF-EATING
<Jobber-d> what is more illegal, a 30 year old smoking pot, or a 15 year old smoking cigarretes
[23:10] * Mind_Booster If you wanna hear some GREAT musik, go to my RaDiO StAtIoN... Use WinAmp, press CTRL+L, and type ... Now it's playing KORN!!!
[23:11] <Mind_Booster> thanks digial
[23:11] <Mind_Booster> thanks digital
<Mikkkeee> nah
<Mikkkeee> its a review
[23:11] <Mind_Booster> what mark?
<Jobber-d> huh?
<Mikkkeee> digital wheres my cigar
<Mikkkeee> i need a smoke how about some canja[
<Mikkkeee> heheh
<Jobber-d> what do you think the second topic will be?
<Mikkkeee> it better be something new
[23:12] <Mind_Booster> dunno
<Mikkkeee> this stuff i know by heart
<Jobber-d> i think its how to find porn faster
<Mikkkeee> i want to learn some new shit
<moo> perhaps cheese?
<Jobber-d> perhaps
<Mikkkeee> i will do a tut for that search engines torn apart
<Mikkkeee> and will be good
<Jobber-d> hehe
[23:12] * Mikkkeee very good
<Mikkkeee> eheh
<Jobber-d> wht time is it for you?
[23:13] *** Joins: Min_spy ([email protected])
[23:13] * Min_spy is back
[23:13] * DF-EATING hands mikkkeee a cigar

<Mikkkeee> thx
[23:13] * Jobber-d smokes clintons cigar
<DF-EATING> Got milk? I DO!
[23:13] * Mikkkeee is flips a lighter and lights the big cigar
[23:13] * Mind_Booster wants a Golden American cig...
[23:14] * Mikkkeee is smoking

[23:14] <Mind_Booster> FOR REAL!
<DF-EATING> Enjoy my friend, it is a cuban
[23:14] * Mikkkeee is enjoying the cigar
[23:14] *** DF-EATING is now known as DF-GOT^MILK

<Jobber-d> lol
<Min_spy> so does ne1 know how to use click to serverside nuke on icq
[23:14] *** Joins: Raven ([email protected])
[23:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Raven

<@Raven> hey, i'm back
[23:14] <Mind_Booster> yes
<DF-GOT^MILK> Join the party
<Mikkkeee> wb
[23:14] <Mind_Booster> right on time
<Min_spy> wb Raven
<@Raven> don't get too excited, we'll only begin the second part in ten minutes
<moo> damn, then I need more apple juice
<DF-GOT^MILK> Well we are all still here. Why not start now
<@Raven> uhm... so who was the guy who first found out about the clones thing?
<DF-GOT^MILK> Me I think
[23:15] *** DF-GOT^MILK is now known as DigitalFallout
<@Raven> ohh
<@Raven> ok
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> I WAS
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> I WAS
<@Raven> ohh ok mind
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> I WAS
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> :)
<@Raven> i told u you'll be rewarded...
<@Raven> :-)
<@Raven> Mind_Booster gets...
<DigitalFallout> WHoa
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<DigitalFallout> CHiLL
<moo> cheese?
[23:15] <Mind_Booster> a DoS attACK?
<@Raven> his own personal copy of...
<Mikkkeee> Raven start the second part plz
<Jobber-d> PORNO!
<DigitalFallout> Time for a hamburer
<@Raven> no
[23:16] <Mind_Booster> a cigar?
<@Raven> he gets his own personal copy of...
<DigitalFallout> That was going out to moo
<Jobber-d> TELL US!
<@Raven> will you guys just shut up?!
<@Raven> :-)
[23:16] <Mind_Booster> *drums*
<@Raven> of B00tm0n 2.0!!
[23:16] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
<@Raven> finally we got rid of the bugs
<DigitalFallout> Sweet
<@Raven> most of them, there are still two or three left
<Jobber-d> hurrah! i think
<Mikkkeee> finally
<@Raven> :-)
[23:16] <Mind_Booster> (what's that?)
<@Raven> you'll get to be the first non-bsrf member who gets to beta-test it
<@Raven> lol
<Jobber-d> raven: what is it?
[23:17] <Mind_Booster> thanks man
<DigitalFallout> I might eventually try to join the #bsrf
<@Raven> sending...
[23:17] * RedShadow gets to write it (even better) :)
[23:17] <Mind_Booster> u'rea god
<@Raven> right, RedShadow did b00tm0n 2.0
<@Raven> :-)
[23:17] <Mind_Booster> i hope there's no backdoors in it
<@Raven> btw i have to talk to u later, there are some modifications i want u to make
[23:17] * Mikkkeee says hail red
<Jobber-d> a.righty
<@Raven> well actually we could talk now
<DigitalFallout> Yea Red made BOK2 built in so he can hack the planet
<RedShadow> Raven : it's nowhere near finished
<@Raven> ok, so first of all, why do people have to click view and then refresh to get the list?
<@Raven> why can't it just load automatically?
<Jobber-d> newbie question: wb stands for welcome back, right?
[23:18] <Mind_Booster> raven, whayt the hell is this for?
<DigitalFallout> Yep
<@Raven> right
[23:18] <Mind_Booster> raven, whayt the hell is this for?
<Jobber-d> thanks
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, huh?
<Min_spy> yep Jobber-d
<RedShadow> Raven : it does now, that was a test to see if I'd fixed the icon bit
<Mikkkeee> man guys iam out
<@Raven> RedShadow, answer my Q
[23:18] <Mind_Booster> this nice proggie
<Mikkkeee> guys start plz
<@Raven> RedShadow, ok
<@Raven> one more modification
<@Raven> in the about box...
<@Raven> i tried clicking the click me text and it...
<@Raven> well, didn't perform correctly
<RedShadow> yeah I know
<Mikkkeee> raven plz start
<@Raven> can't open http://blacksun.box.sk
<Jobber-d> patience
<@Raven> alright, u'll have to fix it later
<RedShadow> it did exactly what I wanted it to do
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, i will
<@Raven> in 5 minutes
<@Raven> :-)
<Mikkkeee> k
<RedShadow> I was just testing the double clik code
[23:19] *** Joins: PiGuS ([email protected])
<@Raven> hey pigus
<Jobber-d> :Pd:
<PiGuS> hi
<@Raven> 5 minutes till the second part
[23:19] * Mikkkeee says my mom wants to use the phone, i have one lines
<@Raven> alright, i guess u could start throwing guesses at what this will be about
<Jobber-d> i feel your pain
<DigitalFallout> Hey quick question.Does anymone know what port seiti@home opens?
[23:19] * RedShadow says tell ur mum to be less than 5 mins :)
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, it'll be long anyway
<Mikkkeee> thx jabber
<Mikkkeee> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Mikkkeee> ahhhhhhhhhhh
<@Raven> let her use it now
<Jobber-d> np :) i hav a 33.6
<RedShadow> how to code in c/c++ ?? lol
<@Raven> and ask her to finish quickly
<@Raven> so u could be back in time
<@Raven> :-)
[23:20] * Mikkkeee red that was funny
<Mikkkeee> hehe
<Jobber-d> is it advanced stuff with irc?
<moo> I hoping for cheese, raven
[23:20] [moo PING reply]: 1sec
[23:20] <Mind_Booster> Raven, pleaase answer to the pvt
<@Raven> Jobber-d, nope
<Jobber-d> does it have anything to do with irc?
<DigitalFallout> The suspence is killing me
<@Raven> nope
<Jobber-d> does it have anything to do with advanced?
<@Raven> DigitalFallout, it's spelled suspense
<@Raven> :-)
[23:21] * Mikkkeee mikkkeee has the best question
<DigitalFallout> yea that to
<@Raven> lol
<Jobber-d> hehe
[23:21] * Mikkkeee is it possible to see private chat
<Mikkkeee> with super user status
<@Raven> Mikkkeee, no
<DigitalFallout> So raven what did you do to the chan to keep ppl like me from taking it over agian?
<@Raven> that's why it's called private
<@Raven> ohh, only if you're an irc operator
<DigitalFallout> J/K about the ppl like me part
<Mikkkeee> i knew it
<@Raven> not just an op, i'm talking about an operator for the entire network
<Min_spy> can u use pc to get ips?
<@Raven> DigitalFallout, i used chanserv
<Jobber-d> im not following you
<@Raven> chanserv is very resourceful
<Mikkkeee> some asshole told me to stop saying shit in my priv
<@Raven> and i configured it right to disallow any possible intrusion
<@Raven> i hope...
<Jobber-d> we all hope
<DigitalFallout> We can try agian later if you like :)
[23:22] * Mikkkeee lets hope
<Jobber-d> again
<Jobber-d> not agian :)
<DigitalFallout> I returned controll in a timley manor
[23:23] * Mind_Booster If you wanna hear some GREAT musik, go to my RaDiO StAtIoN... Use WinAmp, press CTRL+L, and type ... Now it's playing Marilyn Manson!!!
<Mikkkeee> so what is the second part about?
<Mikkkeee> how to hack hotmale accounts,heheheheh
<Min_spy> so u ne good at resolving ip on a spoofed server DigitalFallout
<Mikkkeee> lol
<Jobber-d> done already :)
<DigitalFallout> Checkin this radio station
[23:24] * Jobber-d is twiddling his thumbs
<Mikkkeee> Raven 5 min are up bud
[23:24] * Mikkkeee is waiting
<DigitalFallout> Make love nor peace
[23:24] * Mikkkeee is waiting
<DigitalFallout> make love not peace
<Jobber-d> doesnt love=peace?
<Mikkkeee> yo digital hows that station
<Mikkkeee> ?
<DigitalFallout> Not bad. I am not getting to much lag
<Min_spy> nah love = shag Jobber-d ;-)
[23:25] <Mind_Booster> digital, u're in my radiostation?
<Jobber-d> hehe
<DigitalFallout> Jobber, I don't think you got the joke
<DigitalFallout> YEp I am tuned in
[23:25] <Mind_Booster> want some music?
[23:25] <Mind_Booster> I'll play it for you...
<Mikkkeee> is it any good
[23:26] <Mind_Booster> if you don't want Marilyn Manson
<Mikkkeee> ?
<DigitalFallout> Shure, metallica
[23:26] <Mind_Booster> sure
[23:26] * Mikkkeee is waiting
[23:26] * Mikkkeee is waiting

[23:26] <Mind_Booster> on it's way
<DigitalFallout> gotcha
<@Raven> okay, we're back!
<DigitalFallout> Pimpin
<Mikkkeee> finally
<Jobber-d> hurrah
<Mikkkeee> :)
<@Raven> :-)
<Min_spy> OO GOODY ;-)
<@Raven> let the second part begin!
<Mikkkeee> k
<@Raven> alright, so the second part is a game
<@Raven> not just a game
<DigitalFallout> amd tje mistory subject is?
<@Raven> a WARgame!
<@Raven> pheer
[23:27] <Mind_Booster> Metallica is playing
<@Raven> :-)
<Min_spy> bloody script ;-)
<@Raven> hitman.hits.net.au
<@Raven> port 23
<@Raven> username: inferior
<@Raven> password: inferior
<@Raven> find out what you have to do
<@Raven> GO!
<DigitalFallout> Do we need to bouce ir is it a REAL wargame?
<Mikkkeee> mike is on his way
<@Raven> no questions...
<@Raven> u figure this out
[23:28] <Mind_Booster> i'ts so slow!
<DigitalFallout> K then
[23:28] *** Joins: RedShadow_ ([email protected])
[23:28] *** Quits: RedShadow ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)

[23:28] <Mind_Booster> i'm in
[23:28] *** RedShadow_ is now known as RedShadow
[23:28] <Mind_Booster> passwd, right?
[23:28] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
[23:29] *** Joins: Mr ([email protected])
*** Clones detected in #bsrf: >>> Mr <<< >>> Raven <<<

<Jobber-d> can we give help?
[23:29] *** Mr is now known as Mr_Hint
[23:29] <Mind_Booster> Clones detected in #bsrf: >>> Mr <<< >>> Raven <<<
<Mr_Hint> hello
<Mr_Hint> i'm mister hint
<Mr_Hint> :-)
<Jobber-d> lol
<Mr_Hint> yeah, yeah, i know, shut up
<Mr_Hint> :-)
<RedShadow> shit I just deleted my registry key's by accident while testing the delete function lol
[23:29] *** Raven sets mode: +o Mr_Hint
<Jobber-d> hehe
<@Mr_Hint> i'm here to help you
[23:29] <Mind_Booster> clones?
<@Mr_Hint> i will supply you with hints
<@Mr_Hint> once in a while
<Jobber-d> can we give hints as well? i know something
<RedShadow> I'm off
<RedShadow> c ya
<@Mr_Hint> alright, the first one who figures out what he needs to do get's a bonus hint before everyone else
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, you can, but you're not supposed to
<@Mr_Hint> you're supposed to be the first one to win
[23:30] <Mind_Booster> read instructions
<Jobber-d> oh ok
[23:30] *** Quits: RedShadow ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<@Mr_Hint> the first one who finds out what he needs to do wins a bonus hint one minute before everyone else gets it
<DigitalFallout> Umm root it?
<@Mr_Hint> no, read the instructions...
<DigitalFallout> it was a shotr in the dark
<Mikkkeee> why did they kick me out
<@Mr_Hint> read, quickly, or someone else will get there before you
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> Mikkkeee, they did what?
<Mikkkeee> nothing
<@Mr_Hint> alright, now i see that you're reading the instructions file
<@Mr_Hint> so who's the first one who can find the objective of this game?
[23:32] <Mind_Booster> get sduperior passwd
<@Mr_Hint> yup, get the superior password
<@Mr_Hint> for the user superior
<@Mr_Hint> he has a file in his home directory
<@Mr_Hint> which contains the password
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, you win the first hint!
<@Mr_Hint> mind will now get the first hint one minute before everyone else
[23:32] * Mikkkeee says my mom is really gettin to me i'll be back
<Mikkkeee> cya
<Mikkkeee> damn
[23:33] *** Quits: Mikkkeee ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<@Mr_Hint> :-/
<@Mr_Hint> ohh well, he'll be back later
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> half a minute before the first public hint
<@Mr_Hint> your first hint is: suid
<@Mr_Hint> ooh, so exciting
<@Mr_Hint> everyone is away from their irc client
<Jobber-d> and frustrating
<@Mr_Hint> busy with their telnet app
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> suid, come on, people!
<@Mr_Hint> see what you can work with
<@Mr_Hint> first, ask yourself:
<@Mr_Hint> where am i?
<Jobber-d> you get that when you type dir
<@Mr_Hint> and what's around me?
<@Mr_Hint> what can i play with?
<@Mr_Hint> what should i play with?
[23:35] <Mind_Booster> admin
<@Mr_Hint> three minutes until the second hint
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, lol
<@Mr_Hint> in the meantime, here's a directive:
<Jobber-d> it would help if we knew how to use a shell account, wouldnt it?
<@Mr_Hint> you need to get the file that contains the password, right?
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, it sure would
<Jobber-d> dang :)
<@Mr_Hint> so where does it say that the file is kept?
<@Mr_Hint> in superior's home directory, right?
<@Mr_Hint> now where is it?
<@Mr_Hint> it's not /home/superior...
<Jobber-d> suid
<@Mr_Hint> see where u can find superior's home directory
<@Mr_Hint> i'm making this too easy
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
[23:37] <Mind_Booster> Laughs Out Loud
*** There is no such command as b
<@Mr_Hint> alright, see if there are any public files or any environment variables that can tell you that
<DigitalFallout> Ok sorry but Igotta run,. Talk to you later raven!
[23:37] <Mind_Booster> its b directory
[23:37] <Mind_Booster> like mine is a directiory
<DigitalFallout> CYA everybody
<@Mr_Hint> alright, mind got it first
<@Mr_Hint> cya DigitalFallout
<Jobber-d> bye
[23:37] *** Quits: DigitalFallout ([email protected]) (-=º<×>[ °Wang Script° ]<×>º=- at http://come.to/wangscript)
[23:37] <Mind_Booster> i knew it a long time ago
<@Mr_Hint> alright, second hint!
<@Mr_Hint> the second hint is...
<@Mr_Hint> system call
<@Mr_Hint> who knows what a system call is?
<@Mr_Hint> it has something to do with programming
[23:38] <Mind_Booster> i have no permission to his directory
<Jobber-d> i have no clue what im doing :(
<moo> same here
[23:39] *** Joins: eci ([email protected])
<eci> werd.
<@Mr_Hint> ok anyone, those who havn't figured it out yet, you can find his home directory by either viewing the $SUPERIOR environment variable by typing echo $SUPERIOR or looking at /etc/passwd, which is world-readable
[23:39] [Mr_Hint PING reply]: 2secs
<@Mr_Hint> hey eci
<@Mr_Hint> so now, try listing the contents of superior's home directory
<eci> uhm
<@Mr_Hint> ./suid /home/b
<@Mr_Hint> what do u see?
<eci> heh
<@Mr_Hint> eci, we're playing a little game here
[23:40] <Mind_Booster> fuck
<@Mr_Hint> too bad u showed up late
[23:40] <Mind_Booster> slow down
<@Mr_Hint> :-(
<@Mr_Hint> ohh yeah, the server gets a bit slow
<@Mr_Hint> just run ./suid /home/b
[23:41] <Mind_Booster> connection falled
<eci> haha
<eci> is it a unix game?
[23:41] <Mind_Booster> bash: ./suid: No such file or directory
<@Mr_Hint> eci, it's a small wargame/mindgame i've set up
<Jobber-d> it gives desktop bla and passwd
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, it's in /home/a
<eci> heh
<@Mr_Hint> go to /home/a, inferior's home directory
<@Mr_Hint> and run the suid program
<eci> ./suid is when suid is in `pwd`
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, you've just displayed the contents of superior's home directory
[23:41] <Mind_Booster> [inferior@hitman a]$ ./suid /home/b
[23:41] <Mind_Booster> Desktop bla passwd
[23:41] <Mind_Booster> [inferior@hitman a]$
<@Mr_Hint> now how the hell were u able to do that?
<eci> suid is when suid is in $PATH
<@Mr_Hint> here's a hint:
<Jobber-d> dir
<@Mr_Hint> what is suid?
<@Mr_Hint> what does it mean when you suid a file?
<Jobber-d> no f'in clue
<eci> suid is setuid, chmod +s
<eci> heh
<@Mr_Hint> that's right
<@Mr_Hint> now, what does it do?
<Jobber-d> quiet, your making me look stupid :)
<eci> set uid on execution
<@Mr_Hint> lol
<@Mr_Hint> that's right eci
<@Mr_Hint> or in other words...
<@Mr_Hint> so the less knowledgeable of us could understand...
<eci> haha
<@Mr_Hint> when someone does suid on a program
<Jobber-d> :P
[23:43] <Mind_Booster> I'm not understanding... After ./suid /home/b what is excpected?
<eci> is raven asleep?
<@Mr_Hint> it is always executed with that user's permissions
<eci> oh wait
<eci> heh
<Jobber-d> ok... i found the moffats
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, type ./suid without /home/b for an explanation on what the suid program does
<@Mr_Hint> so the suid program must be set uid superior!!
<@Mr_Hint> it run's with superior's permissions!
<@Mr_Hint> that HAS to be exploitable, right?
<@Mr_Hint> ok, so your next hint is system calls
<@Mr_Hint> now, what are system calls?
[23:44] <Mind_Booster> Usage: ./suid directory
[23:44] <Mind_Booster> Directory is the directory to list.
<@Mr_Hint> any programmers around?
<eci> man 3
<eci> heh
<eci> =)
[23:44] <Mind_Booster> what does this means?
<@Mr_Hint> when do u use system calls in a program?
<eci> when you dont want to use system() calls ;p
<Jobber-d> why cant i access the moffats?
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, suid accepts a directory as a parameter and lists it
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, what are u talking about?
[23:45] <Mind_Booster> lists it where?
<PiGuS> to jump to a subroutine ?
<Jobber-d> nm im totally screwed up :(
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, it just displays the contents of that directory
[23:45] <Mind_Booster> oh
[23:45] <Mind_Booster> bot...
<Jobber-d> ./suid /home brings a list of thigs, and one of them is moffats
[23:46] <Mind_Booster> that should be impossible!
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, that has nothing to do with it
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> now, i'll tell u a little secret:
[23:46] <Mind_Booster> only root and superior should have access!
<@Mr_Hint> this is how the suid program works
<eci> like
<eci> i assume you know of the security gap in unix
<@Mr_Hint> telnet to hitman.hits.net.au
<@Mr_Hint> eci, telnet to hitman.hits.net.au
<@Mr_Hint> username inferior, pass inferior
<eci> bah
<@Mr_Hint> eci, i know what ur talking about
<@Mr_Hint> don't tell them yet
<eci> okie
<@Mr_Hint> so anyway, i'll tell you how this little program works:
<eci> just dont forget to tell them about the sticky bit
<@Mr_Hint> when you type ./suid directory
<@Mr_Hint> it takes the directory parameter
<@Mr_Hint> and simply executes the ls command
<@Mr_Hint> and sticks directory after it
<@Mr_Hint> so you're actually making this command execute ls /home/b
<@Mr_Hint> which lists the contents of the directory
<@Mr_Hint> now...
<@Mr_Hint> this program is suid superior
[23:48] <Mind_Booster> bu we don't have read access to the directory!
<@Mr_Hint> that's why it can view /home/b, which is superior's home directory
[23:48] *** Joins: SteeLe ([email protected])
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, that's right
<@Mr_Hint> but suid has
<@Mr_Hint> because it's set uid superior
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> hey steele, you're kinda late
<SteeLe> I need the lecture!
[23:48] <Mind_Booster> and how can we access to suid programs?
<SteeLe> yea I know,I was here earlier but had to go
<@Mr_Hint> u can have the logs later
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, whenever u start this program, it is executed with superior's permissions instead of with inferior's permissions
[23:49] <Mind_Booster> like,... it's supposed that only rood have access to this!
<eci> raven; dont make people use suid as its not posix and os-specific. chmod does it all..
<@Mr_Hint> that's why it can view /home/b
<@Mr_Hint> but can't view /home/a
<@Mr_Hint> eci, i'm talking about a program that resides in their home directory and is called suid
<@Mr_Hint> it's the program we're "exploiting"
<@Mr_Hint> :-)
<@Mr_Hint> i never use suid, only mode +s
<eci> shell script or a c program?
<@Mr_Hint> c
<eci> i never use +s, i use 4000 =)
<@Mr_Hint> the source is not availalbe
[23:50] <Mind_Booster> chmod 777 is better
<@Mr_Hint> lol, u know what i mean
<eci> yeh ;p
<eci> mind_booster heh =)
[23:51] <Mind_Booster> i just don't understand why can this program access like it was root
<@Mr_Hint> ok, so in other words, the suid program executes ls /home/b with superior's permissions
<@Mr_Hint> now, what can be done here?
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, first of all it's not suid root
<@Mr_Hint> it's suid superior
<@Mr_Hint> now, i'll explain
<@Mr_Hint> a certain user can do set-uid on a program that he owns
<@Mr_Hint> so whenever it is executed
<@Mr_Hint> it is executed with his permissions
<@Mr_Hint> no matter who runs it
<@Mr_Hint> this can be used for several purposes
<@Mr_Hint> anyway, this program was suid'ed by superior
<@Mr_Hint> we've done this earlier
[23:52] <Mind_Booster> ok
<@Mr_Hint> now, let's put this aside for a second and try running a little command here?
<@Mr_Hint> now, let's put this aside for a second and try running a little command here:
[23:52] <Mind_Booster> wher's this program to donwload?
<@Mr_Hint> echo 1 ; echo 2
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, what program?
<@Mr_Hint> everyone try typing echo 1 ; echo 2
[23:53] <Mind_Booster> suid
[23:53] [Mr_Hint PING reply]: 1sec
<Jobber-d> well i give up
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, i was talking about the program that's in your homedir all this time
[23:53] <Mind_Booster> echo jist writes, right?
<@Mr_Hint> it is called suid as a hint
<@Mr_Hint> yes, but watch the ; part
<@Mr_Hint> echo 1 ; echo 2
<@Mr_Hint> what happens?
<@Mr_Hint> it executes echo 1 and then executes echo 2
[23:53] <Mind_Booster> i konw... but I want this program to myself!
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, why would u want a program that lists the contents of a directory with some user's permissions, which doesn't even exist on other systems?
<@Mr_Hint> so basically, we could do this:
<Jobber-d> not that im impatient or anything of the sort, but hwo much longer do you think this will last?
<eci> hahaha
[23:54] <Mind_Booster> raven, let's go
<@Mr_Hint> ./suid "[inferior@hitman a]$ ./suid "/home/b ; cat /home/b/passwd"
<eci> whats the purpose of this discussion anyway
<moo> am I supposed to be logging this?
<Jobber-d> i am
<@Mr_Hint> eci, i'm just teaching something here
<eci> what?
[23:55] <Mind_Booster> i'm logging
<Jobber-d> who did you use to be, anyway mr hint
<moo> so I am, I was j/w
[23:55] *** Quits: SteeLe ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<@Mr_Hint> everyone try running [inferior@hitman a]$ ./suid "/home/b ; cat /home/b/passwd", the first one who manages to find out what has happened here is crowned as prime clown of the court
<@Mr_Hint> Jobber-d, it's raven
<@Raven> yup, he's me
[23:56] <Mind_Booster> the password is as
<@Raven> clone user
<Jobber-d> huh? oh
<Jobber-d> hehe
<@Mr_Hint> [inferior@hitman a]$ ./suid "/home/b ; cat /home/b/passwd"
<@Mr_Hint> Desktop bla passwd
<@Mr_Hint> azarbeijan
<@Mr_Hint> [inferior@hitman a]$
<@Mr_Hint> we've just made the program execute the following command:
[23:56] <Mind_Booster> we cat the passwd file
<@Mr_Hint> ls /home/b ; cat /home/b/passwd
<@Mr_Hint> right!
<@Mr_Hint> first list /home/b, and then display /home/b/passwd!
<eci> hahaha!
<@Mr_Hint> and since it runs with superior's permissions...
<@Mr_Hint> it can view /home/b/passwd
<eci> you are teaching them using `;'?
[23:57] <Mind_Booster> well... i tried to do thAT FIRS WITH pico /home/b/passwd but i had no permissions
<@Mr_Hint> eci, i'm explaining about suid and exploitation using chaining
[23:57] <Mind_Booster> !!!
<eci> uhm
[23:57] * Min_spy is off now nite
[23:57] *** Joins: Bish1 ([email protected])
[23:57] *** Quits: Min_spy ([email protected]) ( MafiaScript Version 6.0 Gold Edition Get it at.. Http://www.henterprises.com/sh/ )

<eci> ls -l /home/b
<@Mr_Hint> Mind_Booster, because you didn't run it through suid
<Jobber-d> eci are you playing right now?
<eci> paste output
<eci> no i'm just watching
<Jobber-d> ah
[23:58] *** Quits: PiGuS ([email protected]) (Leaving)
<@Mr_Hint> alright, that ends it for today
[23:58] <Mind_Booster> SHIT
[23:58] *** Quits: Mr_Hint ([email protected]) (Mr_Hint has no reason)
[23:58] <Mind_Booster> mu telnet is crazy
<Jobber-d> y
<@Raven> someone send me the logs so i could post it on bsrf tomorrow
[23:59] <Mind_Booster> raven, whait pleazzzz
<Jobber-d> here you go
[23:59] *** Quits: moo ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[23:59] <Mind_Booster> ./suid "/home/b ; cat /home/b/passwd"
[23:59] <Mind_Booster> when u do this
[23:59] <Mind_Booster> it doent work with me!

Session Time: Sat Jun 10 00:00:00 2000

<@Raven> Mind_Booster, that's weird
[00:00] *** Bish1 is now known as moo
<@Raven> try copying and pasting
<@Raven> what kind of an error message do u get?
[00:00] <Mind_Booster> it appears a >
[00:00] <Mind_Booster> >
[00:00] *** Joins: ByteEater ([email protected])
<eci> did you use a ' somewhere?
[00:00] <Mind_Booster> azarbeijan ???????
<@Raven> hello ByteEater
<@Raven> azarbeijan, yes, that's the password
<@Raven> it's a third world country
[00:01] <Mind_Booster> one more think....
<moo> when and what is the next lecture?
[00:01] <Mind_Booster> what is thos worth?
<ByteEater> Hi guys
<Jobber-d> i thought it would be username: superior password: superior
<@Raven> moo, i don't know yet
<@Raven> Jobber-d, it's not superior's password
<moo> k
<@Raven> it's just the password for the game
[00:01] <Mind_Booster> jobber, i tried that one in the firs time at all! :P
<Jobber-d> hehe
<Jobber-d> did you get it ok raven?
<@Raven> no, long story, send again plz
<Jobber-d> np
<moo> want mine?
<moo> again?
<Jobber-d> yeah mine started a little late send him yours just in case
<moo> log that is
<@Raven> nevermind, i'm already getting jobber's
<@Raven> send it later, after i finish with jobber
<@Raven> i'll tell u when
<@Raven> because your two files collide
<moo> ok
[00:03] <Mind_Booster> Raven, this is no worth, since we don't know how to have access into other directories, 'cuse suid is only user in this case!
<@Raven> they have the same names
<Jobber-d> whats your connection speed?
<eci> i'm rewriting my unix guide especially for newbies
<Jobber-d> eci where will it be posted?
<@Raven> Mind_Booster, it was just a little trick
<@Raven> it taught you what suid is
<@Raven> and how to use ;
<@Raven> it was worth it just for these two things
<@Raven> best way to explain suid
<@Raven> :-)
[00:04] <Mind_Booster> ok
[00:04] <Mind_Booster> :)
<Jobber-d> eci?
<eci> yes?
<Jobber-d> where will you post the unix guide thing
<@Raven> got it
<Jobber-d> great
<@Raven> now send yours, moo
<@Raven> what unix guide?
<eci> i'm working on it, and constantly updating
<Jobber-d> eci said hes rewriting
<eci> im making it a modular guide
<Jobber-d> oh
[00:05] <Mind_Booster> one more thing, why do you can use "/users/b"... shouldn't u use "ls /users/b" ?
<eci> writing part part
<Jobber-d> will it be posted on blacksun.box.sk
<eci> basic commands, features
<Jobber-d> ?
<eci> i dont think so
<eci> piping, absolute filenames, etc..
<@Raven> jobber, yes
[00:05] [eci PING reply]: 2secs
<Jobber-d> alright thanks
[00:05] *** Joins: Ghost_Rider ([email protected])
<Jobber-d> i wanna start
<@Raven> hello ghost
<Ghost_Rider> hi guys
<Jobber-d> hey ghost
<Ghost_Rider> hi raven
<@Raven> just in time to see the lecture ending
<Ghost_Rider> hi jobber
<ByteEater> hey
<Ghost_Rider> Raven: well sorry man...i went to the cinema
<Ghost_Rider> pitch black
<@Raven> alright guys, i'll be away for several minutes
<Ghost_Rider> nice movie:)
[00:06] <Mind_Booster> lolol
<@Raven> catch ya later
<Ghost_Rider> c ya raven
[00:06] <Mind_Booster> no cinema is better than this!
<@Raven> i heard it's scary
<Jobber-d> cya
<eci> speaking of movies
<@Raven> alright, be back later
<eci> raven; go see ``boiler room''
<Jobber-d> if you like action, see m:i 2
<eci> btw
[00:07] <Mind_Booster> raven, ewhant my log?
<eci> is it true that newbies dont bother reading long text files?
<eci> and stop before they reach 30%?
<Ghost_Rider> Mind_Booster: can you send it to me plez?
<eci> and btw, raven
[00:08] <Mind_Booster> raven, want my log?
[00:08] <Mind_Booster> sure ghost
<eci> i can create a machine
[00:08] <Mind_Booster> wait pleazzze
<eci> that will run a certain OS
<Jobber-d> eci im a mega-newbie (if thats a word) but im greatly interested and will read anything i can grab
<eci> that you wont be able to know what os it is
<eci> assuming you dont have root access of course
<moo> I'm a fool and I do nothing but read
<Jobber-d> (and eat cheese)
<eci> reading is not enough
<moo> oh yeah that too