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A guide for all of those Linux people who want to have all of their games on Linux but just don't know where to go and what to do.


Are you feeling rather... bored with your Linux system? How about adding some entertaining values to it? Yes, I'm talking about computer games. Games? Games for Linux, you ask? Sure, why not! And I'm not talking about minesweeper clones, I'm talking about the real stuff!

Okay, now where do I get them?

The best place to go for your Linux games news is http://www.linuxgames.com. Also check out http://www.lokigames.com - they sign contracts with game companies and get the source codes of games and then port them to Linux. Quake, Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Unreal, Heroes of Might and Magic, they and more all have Linux ports.

Yeah, yeah, but what about those smaller games?

Oh, you mean your solitaire and minesweeper. Office games, yeah... you still want them? Here are some of the things you might want to download and places you might wanna go to: http://pysol.tsx.org - PySol: currently has 160 (!!) card games, plus their rules, how to play, tutorials, hints and everything you could possibly want. Also download the sound server for it - they put a lot of effort in sound, and it's really worth it! You want more? Try Linuxberg's games page. Try the games for the Gnome, KDE and X11 window managers. http://www.linuxberg.com. Linuxberg is TUCOWS's version of TUCOWS for Linux, by the way. Still more? Alright, remember space invaders? Yeah, that game where you're a little spaceship in the bottom of the screen and little alien ships shoot you from above, and you have to kill them all before they reach you? Well, Linux has a 3D version of this game (some people just have too much free time!). It's called XInvaders3D. Unfortunately, I don't have a URL... just run a search for it.

What about emulators?

You like playing game machines games on Linux? You know, all those Nintendo games? Or perhaps arcade machine games? All of your favorite emulators have Linux versions. Take snes, the Super Nintendo (16 bit) emulator - it also has a Linux port, of course, and it is called snes9x. Also get the KDE front-end for it - ksnes9x. Run a web search for it. For arcade machine games, check out XMAME (yes, it's mame for Linux) - http://x.mame.net. You want your Nintendo 64 games? Run your favorite Windows Nintendo 64 emulator from Linux using Wine, the Windows emulator. http://www.winehq.com.

What if...

You're looking for a game, but you just can't find a Linux port? No problem! You can try to emulate it using Wine from http://www.winehq.com or using VMWARE (practically one of the most amazing things I have ever seen... try it. Seeing is believing) from http://www.vmware.org.

I'm having trouble installing something!

First of all, see if you got any readme or install files with the package (often called README or INSTALL). If not, check the game's homepage. If you still can't install it, try posting a message to the message board at http://blacksun.box.sk.


Read this: http://www.happypuppy.com/features/editorials/linux%2Ded%2D1.html

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