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3020 » Can I change the MAC address of a NIC?

Some NICs have the ability to change the MAC (Media Access Control) address through software. If you NIC and driver support this, Windows 2000 can change it:

1. Use Control Panel and double-click Network and Dial-up Connections or
    Start / Settings / Network and Dial-up Connections.

2. Right-click the the connection (that uses the NIC) and press Properties.

3. Press the Configure button.

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Select Locally Administered Address.

6. Enter the new MAC address value.

You can also use the registry to make this change. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<Your NIC>

On the Edit menu, Add Value name <Old MAC Address>, as a REG_SZ data type. Enter the new MAC address into the String Editor.

You must restart your computer for the change to take effect.

After the restart, open a CMD prompt and type:

net config rdr

Verify the new MAC address.